The dazed look they have realizing that they have finally come to their happily ever after. I’m going to miss this show very badly. I am at ease knowing that they gave the drama a wedding for the ending. My obssession has peaked so high that I went watching every video JTBC would upload on their youtube channel and even searched a little about the cast. I can’t come with the right words to describe my feelings. All that I could say Ahn Min Hyuk’s character in this drama is a perfect example of a guy you would want to end up with and marry someday.

It is difficult for me to find words that would describe all of my thoughts, feelings and emotions!…

This difficult profession demanded a lot of effort, but also gave me so much more!

I am so grateful to all the people whom I met on my creative path!  All my teachers, friends, helpers, those who inspired me, required from me, comforted me, cared for me, those who believed in me, thanked me and supported me!  All who worked by my side and along with me!  All of my spectators, who understood me and supported me with applause!  I keep you all in my heart!  I tell each of you ‘Thank you!'  I feel sad but also light!  I retire with gratitude and satisfaction!
—  Ulyana Lopatkina (Mariinsky Ballet, 2017)

Let’s talk about Imayoshi Shouichi for a sec. Like, how do I even begin to describe all my feels for this character?!

This megane captain with the cute smiley fox face.

Kansai-ben manipulative schemer.

Oh so cruel with a devilish grin.

He’s also intelligent and studious.

Terrible at drawing.

A silly prankster of a dork.

Who has to put up with the insanity that is Touou’s basketball club.

And then some.

Did I mention he’s really attractive?

He gets puffy red eyes from crying after losing the Winter Cup. Yet he is so fucking proud of his team and wishes them all the best.

Imayoshi Shouichi is just so precious.

oliveoul-deactivated20170621  asked:

I found the last post of the radfem who passed away due to lesbophobia. I thought I could handle it but it's sent me into a tailspin. I just came out about a month or two ago as a lesbian and this is the most depressed I've felt since coming out. I can't really describe all my feelings but ...I just...feel absolutely horrible and down.

Her post was heartbreaking, and I find it typical yet shitty that people honestly expect lesbians to be able to handle homophobia and misogyny thrown at us from every group without it deteriorating our mental health. It’s very inhumane, but it is an eye opener to how much people do not see homophobia toward us as anything worth acknowledging. We get homophobia and we get the apathy of a misogynist culture that portrays women’s emotions and experiences as nothing to be acknowledged and taken seriously. It is very tiring to have to constantly feel like we have to prove we are real and what we experience is harmful. Despite that, I’m happy that you have come out. And as difficult as things may be, I hope you can remind yourself that your life is not up for debate and it is possible to find happiness as a lesbian. These hateful people and this hateful culture can’t determine your future. 💚

I know everyone is posting this photo, but SHIT! I want to do it too. 

Now WT16 is over right? It’s so sad, but at the same time I feel so proud of our boys…

As many people know, I couldn’t go to see them and although it hurts me a lot I feel very happy for all the people who could see them, especially one of my best friends, Teke, owner of GG (hey, you deserve and I’m sure you were there for me too, no one did it for me and I will be eternally grateful).

To be honest I have no words to describe my feelings about all this. I feel like a fool, but every time I look at them and see how they are realizing their dreams, I feel like my own dreams were being realized.

They are my inspiration in recent years … and every time I think about quitting, I just look for all these pictures glued on the wall of my bedroom. I know my boys had a hard time, and I see where they are now. This gives me strength, it moves me.

Thanks to these five men I met three girls that I consider today as my best friends and even though we never met in person (we talk only on internet) I know I have these three girls with me forever.

If I could say something to the GazettE now, I would say:

Thanks the GazettE. Thanks for giving me so many good things, for singing about real feelings, for all the times you made me cry and for all the times you made me feel fear, but also for all the times you made me smile like a fool (as I’m smiling looking at this photo), thank you for being part of my life. Keep going for a long time if that is your wish, and you can be sure that even many years from now I’ll still be here, being a silly fan who cries and smiles for all little things you do.

Now, another mov. is finished and the PROJECT:DARK AGE is heading for its end. I can’t deny I’m apprehensive, but anyway I’m looking forward to the next surprise! ♥