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After playing Katawa Shoujo
  • Friend: *Can't find me in a crowd* This calls for drastic measures.
  • Friend: Found him.
  • Friend: ....
  • Friend: Please stop crying.
The King Loves (Spoiler?)

I think this drama is definitely following the original novel’s unique love triangle. Won is not going to get San’s heart, and the writer shows that by the ‘birdcage speech’ of Won. San is certainly the type ‘Birds that cannot live inside the cage’ which Rin described. Won is going to learn the lesson by rejected from San.

Also, even though Won does many things for San, he does it in a way she cannot notice. However, Rin saves her directly. I think that will kinda affect San’s feelings.

And there are also hints from teaser clips. Won’s narration said that ‘They don’t look into each other’s eyes’ and it is probably because they(Rin&San) love each other, but can’t express it.

The actors also gave a hint lol….In their V-App Live HJH & Yoona answered the question whether they had a love scene and they said ‘maybe yes or maybe no’ then laughed awkwardly lol TOO OBVIOUS

But I think even though Rin & San love each other, they might have a sad ending. Rin’s brother Jeon is one of the main reason in the death of San’s mother. This is a very big obstacle for their love, especially when Rin has known it for 7 years and couldn’t reveal the truth.

However it could be happy ending, since San remembers her mom’s last words: “Do not hate anyone” So maybe she can forgive Rin. (Actually I hope they have a happy ending…..T_T)

eyes wide open all the time fashion references | rin matsuoka [updated]

  • rin is almost always described as wearing black. as a rentboy, his signature look is leather pants or black latex leggings.

  • rin has a thing for combat boots. they’re usually covered in spikes and an array of straps, which he uses to hide weapons such as razor blades. the boots all have steel toes; some sets even have one diamond-sharp spur. his casual boots are much less intimidating but just as capable of becoming a weapon if need be.  

  • also capable of being weaponized are his accessories, such as knives sewn into the tongues of his boots. he’s also been known to use his teeth to defend himself.

    • and lastly, those dog tags in the upper left corner do not belong to rin - they are sousuke’s. 

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    • Rin started out as a gamer type youtuber, and while he still does horror games just cause he’s a riot when scared, he mainly does shit like skits and vlogs, life advice and what not.
    • Bon on the other hand does NOT get vlogs very much, but he loves Rin’s, and that’s how they met.
    • Bon’s youtube channel is homework help, as well as religion history lessons. Very hands on and how to type videos.
    • Rin watches the shit out of Bon’s channel because he does not know how to adult TM.
    • They meet in person when everyone urges them to do a collab, it doesn’t seem like a likely pair, but after months of silently liking and commenting each others videos, their fans had had enough. 
    • The vid on Rin’s channel is having Bon play SCP Containment Breach. An Oldie but a goodie.
    • Bon may or may not have just walked straight up to SCP 173. He totally didn’t let out the highest pitched scream when that damn sound affect came on and his character died. 
    • Rin face was just like that *looks in to the camera like he’s at the office*
    • Bon’s video on his channel was of Rin explaining different events through out history the way he knew them. 
    • It was called “high school drop out explains history.”
    • Bon explains how all the events Rin described ACTUALLY went at the end of the vid. 
    • They went out on an impromptu date after filming, falling head over heels for each other. 
    • This drives the fans WILD.
    • Someone please draw this

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    Rin coming home to see his S/O after a long trip and being super clingy?

    me with my computer when i come home tbh

    Flying back into Japan was a feeling Rin could compare only to falling into one’s own bed after a long time sleeping in another’s. Every time he flew back, he felt the same way; it wasn’t that he got homesick, rather that he got sick of not being at home… There was so much comfort in just being at home. With you.

    “Hey, hey… What’s up?”

    This time was a little different. He’d been away for nearly two months, training and competing, and now he was home. Rin couldn’t describe it. Being around you after all this time apart was like sewing back on a missing part of him; re-attaching a limb that had fallen off… To put it bluntly.



    Which is probably why he just wanted to be in your arms. Which… Is probably why he wasn’t letting go of you right now. When you had a hot saucepan full of pasta in your hand.

    “Baby, I need to cook, we can cuddle later…” He could hear the humour in your voice - he’d been incessant since he returned home, kissing you anywhere and everywhere, entwining his hand in yours, snuggling his head into the crook of your shoulder. He’d come close to crushing you with an overzealous hug, but he just couldn’t help it. He’d been away for so long, and now you were here.

    “Rin, please…” Sighing, you put down the cooked pasta, letting Rin push himself even further against you, strong arms wrapping around your stomach, his face burying itself in your hair. “… Are you sniffing me?”

    “You smell good. I missed how you smell…” Twisting yourself in his arms, you caught a glimpse of his face - he looked like a puppy, face scrunched up in a blissful grin. Anyone would think he hadn’t seen you for years, at this rate. “I missed you, ____.”

    “I know, Rin, but you’ve been home for three days now…” Not that you were sick of the attention - having him be this affectionate was beyond sweet, and it wasn’t often the two of you got to spend so much time like this. “You’re going to be at home for the next three months, Rin, you’ll have plenty of time to cuddle with me.”

    “But I…”

    “Baby,” turning yourself in his arms so that you were face-to-face with your boyfriend, you took his face in your hands, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. “just let me cook the pasta. Then, I promise, you’ll have the whole night with me.”

    You never thought you’d see the day Rin Matsuoka did puppy-dog eyes. As he pulled away, he looked as though you’d slapped him, torn away the love of his life and damned him to a prison cell… Honestly, you knew he was over-reacting, but seriously? The worst part was, it was working, and he knew it.

    “Oh for the love of…” Pushing the saucepan to the back of the kitchen counter, you took a firm hold of Rin’s hand, marching over to the sofa with him in tow. “C’mere. Let’s just relax for a bit, eh?”

    He was upon you in an instant, practically tackling you back onto the sofa, gathering you up into his arms in a bundle. “Yeah, that sounds good.” In this position, you could hear his heart beating, feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed; it was lovely, yes, but it still felt… Odd.

    “Rin, this is unnatural for you. Are you sure you’re ok?” You couldn’t help but feel concerned - it really, really wasn’t normal for him to be this attached, even after long spells apart.

    “____…” He was smiling, a shine in his eyes now that he had you all to himself. “I’m fine. I just… Want to be close to you for a while-”

    “-Or a few days” He frowned at your interjection, jabbing you in the side.

    “-so just let me hold you for a bit.” He kissed you, several times. Your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips; his touch as gentle as a butterfly’s landing each time. “Please?”

    You supposed this was ok, for a little while longer.

    Something I’ve been thinking about, is this part from episode 0. I mean over there next to the Pendant Of Plot Significance…. that’s Gilgamesh’s catalyst right? From Fate Zero? Is that usable?

    I mean Saber makes it clear that catalysts can be reused, since Kiritsugu and Shirou summon her with the same catalyst in both wars. But Rin describes the catalyst as “broken”, and never seems to take any interest in it. You’d think tokiomi would have left a note saying “Rin, this catalyst will summon you Gilgamesh, the oldest and strongest hero, feel free to use it”. I mean that didn’t turn out well for him but he didn’t know that till it was too late.

    Plus, think how funny it would be if Rin summoned a Gilgamesh. Since the Throne of Heroes makes a new copy of the original Hero each time someone summons them that means we’d have TWO Gilgamesh’s in Fuyuki. Imagine the chaos and hilarity if they met face to face. I’m not sure they’d destroy each other in an ego clash like a snake devouring its own tale or if they’d team up and destroy us all.

    anyway, i guess I’m just wondering if that catalyst was usable and if so why Rin didn’t use it? Is this a plot hole created by ufotable’s desire to put in a visual callback to Fate Zero?

    What would it be like if the Free! characters met the Haikyuu!! characters?

    Nagisa and Hinata would become best friends immediately because they both have super bubbly personalities.

    Kageyama and Haruka could have a great conversation because they both care about their respective activities a little too much.

    Nitori and Tanaka would get along great because Nitori won’t stop saying senpai and Tanaka loves being called senpai.

    Rei and Tsukishima would get along too because they’re both sassy smart megane.

    I’m not even sure how to describe how Kuroo and Rin would act around each other but it would definitely be amazing.

    MAKOTO AND SUGAWARA. Need I say more?

    Momo/Seijuro/Tanaka/Noya would go crazy over the ladies together.

    I’m not sure why but I can see Sousuke and Asahi becoming good friends. Maybe because they both have a sort of scary look but are actually very sweet.

    back to your regularly scheduled rinmaki

    Tonight’s a special night, not like Christmas kind of special or even fancy dinner special— It’s Maki Nishikino’s first official two-person sleepover. Official is a word she’s willing to use lightly just for this occasion, because in spite of all her played indifference she’s nearly spilling over on the inside from the nervous excitement.

    If anything, she can just blame Rin for pestering her and pestering her until Maki gave in.

    “Maki-chan!!” Rin is already wearing her pajamas when she greets her at the door. “You’re finally here!”

    “Hey… Rin.”

    Was she supposed to arrive in her pajamas as well? Maki looks down at her clothes, then at Rin’s pawprint-patterned pjs, and decides that it’s not worth questioning.

    So what if she has no idea how these kinds of sleepovers are normally supposed to go? All those dumb traditions and unsaid rules can’t possibly be that hard to figure out on her own. Worst case scenario, Maki makes a fool out of herself and Rin teases her for the next two months.

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    one thousand and one

    pairing: rin/haru

    AN: I finally cracked and wrote an AU based of Eternal Summer’s ending. It’s basically policeman rin falling for chef haru (and vice versa of course)


    “…You can’t be serious.”

    “I am.”

    “You mean to tell me that this restaurant was robbed of ten thousand yen worth of fish?”

    “No. Ten thousand yen worth of,” a dramatic pause, “mackerel.




    Of the one thousand and one things that Rin Matsuoka did not sign up for when he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, this definitely topped his list.

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    Kinda fall-based makorin blurb, because I couldn’t write so I just kinda let myself ramble.  Light angst, and a lot of fluff.

    Makoto shivers against a strong gust of wind, tugging his scarf more snugly around his neck.  It’s the coolest day of fall thus far, and he’s never been one to fare well in the cold.  Still, he’s yet to have let that stop him from going outside, especially on days as important as this one.

    The streets of Tokyo are crowded as usual, but Makoto remains rooted to his spot on the sidewalk, practically jumping at every taxi that drives by him.  His cell phone is clutched in his hand, but he restrains himself from glancing at the time again, trying to rein in his eagerness.

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    Do you realize how many people knew things about Haruka because Rin couldn’t stop talking about him?

    - His sister (most likely his mother too)

    - His best friend

    - His grandmother

    - His parents in Australia (they literally knew the colour of Haru’s eyes - not blue, but clear as water)

    - Probably his dog

    - He wrote an essay in their elementary school’s graduation album

    One could almost say…Rin’s heart was snatched away by Haruka (necessary quote from HS!).