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My story of being drugged to shut me up

Creepy encounter by reddit user blckxnxbrkn

This took place the winter of 2005 in rural Iowa, I was 18 years old and attending community college.  I have always been an outgoing and talkative person and managed (in my youth) to make friends quite easily.

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Sometimes it’s gonna be hard. Sometimes you are gonna look all around you and nowhere do you see success. Nowhere do you see anything that remotely looks like success. But you gotta embrace number two, you gotta embrace the faith, you gotta believe that if you keep pressing, if you keep pushing, one day is gonna be your day. When there is no evidence around you, when you feel like giving up, you gotta embrace the faith and believe that one day is gonna be my day. That one day can’t be your day if you give up - if you quit, no day will ever be your day.