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100 wanna one questions: send me an emoji!

❤ - who’s your wanna one bias?

💕 - who’s your bias wrecker?

🌼 - burn it up or energetic?
😍 - fave song of To Be One?
🐺 - favorite thing about woojin?
👬 - fave ship/friendship?
🐰 - fave daniel meme?
👑 - what did you think of produce 101?
🎶 - fave member of vocal line?
🎀 - fave rapper?
🎮 - fave thing about ong seongwoo?
⚓ - JBJ or Wanna One?
⭕ - fave daehwi mutual?
⏰ - do you own any merch?
😉 - wink, gugugaga or jeojang?
🐶 - fave dancer?
🐝 - who’s the top visual in your opinion?
😜 - have you ever changed biases?
⚠ - how did you get into wanna one?
😎 - fave thing about minhyun?
🔱 - never or open up?
⏳- BNM boys or MMO boys?
🐣 - fave guanlin meme?
🔞 - fave hyung-line member?
⚽ - best wanna one go moment?
👻 - if wanna one were in the hunger games, in which order would they die?
🍥 - who would you befriend the easiest?
🎈- fave baejin blog
💙 - describe jaehwan in 3 emojis
⚠ - fave sungwoon moment
😺 - fave daniel gif
🐇 - put each member in a hogwarts house
📷 - if your bias was a youtuber, what would their channel be?
🎁 - what would you gift your bias?
💘 - would you date your bias? if not, then who?
🎤 - fave pd101 performance
🔥 - meaning behind your url?
😳 - one blog that you wanna talk to
😻 - fave daniel blog
💩 - 3 fave shitposters
✳ - 3 fave gif makers/ editors
🐻 - fave catchphrase or inside joke
💚 - if you were to meet him right now, what would you tell your bias?
🌟 - give a pokemon to each member
👄 - shape of you or get ugly?
🍩 - n'uest bias?
🚫 - a song that reminds you of jihoon
🌻 - fave maknae-line member?
🌈 - nayana or pick me?
🌞 - fave thing about baejin?
⛄- opinion on kim samuel
💌 - fave fandom memory?
💒 - dream sub-unit!
🍭 - a song that reminds you of sungwoon
🐦 - describe wanna one in 3 emojis
💲 - to what restaurant would you take jaehwan?
🔮 - who gives you the most second-hand embarassment? why?
🎃 - list hyung line from less kinky to kinkiest
✏ - which song do want wanna one to cover?
🐱 - take a screenshot of your lockscreen/homescreen and post it
💜 - who would you team up with in a zombie apocalypse?
🎉 - who would you marry: jisung or sungwoon?
📛 - most played wanna one song?
🗼- tag someone who reminds you of jaehwan
💵 - a song that reminds you of Daniel
🐌 - has wanna one ever made you mad?
☕ - tag someone who reminds you of daniel
💬 - tag someone who reminds you of daehwi
💥 - tag someone who reminds you of woojin
🎧 - do you have another fan acct besides tumblr (twitter, ig, etc.)?
♋ - tag someone who reminds you of minhyun
🗻 - tag someone who reminds you of ong
🙈 - if daniel weren’t center, who would you like it to be?
🙉 - what wanna one lyric would you tattoo on yourself?
🙊 - RAINZ or JBJ?
🔰 - favorite baejin personality trait?
🚀 - favorite sungwoonp hysical trait?
💔 - best dancer: ong or daniel?
👌 - fave ong meme?
💧 - have you ever cried over wanna one?
🍑 - sexy daniel or peach daniel?
🐄 - dream collab with wanna one?
🐢 - post your fave daehwi meme
😩 - make a playlist using the name of your bias
🔭 - who would you stargaze with?
💢 - fave fandom moment ever
👽 - most likely to believe in aliens and ghosts
🐘 - have you ever seen them live?
🔋 - have you bought To Be One? Who did you get?
💡 - fave choreo move?
☕ - less favorite song
🐼 - did your pd101 final lineup resemble wanna one ?
💟 - name 2 other blogs that stan your bias and say something to them.
🐳 - which member would you like to see more of on your dashboard?
♻ - favorite photoshoot/CF
🌱 - KMF
🏈 - a song that reminds you of Minhyun
🐛 - which member would you most likely beat in a fistfight?
💳 - who would die first on a horror movie and why?

💖 - assign a Disney princess to each member

🌞 - describe wanna one in 5 words.

atalantulie  asked:

Okay but my favourite tags ever are your "I screamed with my Erik voice" and "I screamed with my Charles voice" ones. I just find them hilarious and they pretty much describe your entire blog. Yep. <3


Aww, thank you dear! <3 

I can’t help myself. Their screams are seared into my brain. 

Just look at them.

I love these two idiots.

moonylady  asked:

thoughts on: malec + forehead kisses

LISTEN….. You cannot attack me like this, pumpkin. Honestly, I am so damn week for forehead kisses, okay? Forehead kisses and hugs. Me dying. 

I mean we haven’t seen one yet—@SH writers: how much do I have to pay you to make this happen???—but if it happens at one point I am totally going to lose my chill. I already lost it in 2x10 and 2x18 when they leaned their foreheads against each other. ajjshjashja God, I just love this so much. Like, apart from touching or hugging each other in that moment, too, but I feel like it is such an intimate moment? A fine line between being absolutely vulnerable but also feeling safe? It can be sweet but also kinda desperate because you know the other one was right here with you? And then eyes closed, listening to each other’s heartbeats. Breath brushing over your forehead? And just the overall thought of being so damn close?

Honestly, I have way too many feels when it comes to foreheads touching and especially forehead kisses. It’s just so…. gahhhhh. I need this to happen, okay???

send some asks that are like “thoughts on ______”