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When his experience in the Phoenix stone leads him to do the unthinkable, Damon finds himself without a care in the world, spiraling out of control and under the influence of a dangerous and reckless Julian. Refusing to give up on his brother, Stefan attempts to reason with Damon only to uncover the devastating reason for his descent. Elsewhere, Caroline begins having some dangerous side effects as a result of her supernatural pregnancy and is forced to turn to Valerie for help. Meanwhile, Bonnie, Nora and Mary Louise attempt to track down a ruthless vampire hunter named Rayna after they suspect that she has reemerged.

Matthew Davis, Nina Dobrev, Michael Malarkey, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice King, Kat Graham, Zach Roerig

Shadowhunters [Season 1]
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spiraling out of control and under the influence of a dangerous and reckless Julian. Refusing to give up on his brother, Stefan attempts to reason with Damon only to uncover the devastating reason for his descent. Elsewhere, Caroline begins having some dangerous side effects as a result of her supernatural pregnancy and is forced to turn to Valerie for help. Meanwhile, Bonnie, Nora and Mary Louise attempt to track down a ruthless vampire hunter named Rayna after they suspect that she has reemerged.
Status Indian player barred from All Native sports event
Organizers of an all First Nations basketball tournament in B.C. have barred a status Indian player from competing, even though Josiah Wilson was adopted and raised in a First Nations family and holds a status Indian card. The Haitian-born point guard is black. Organizers say he lacks First Nations 'bloodlines.'

“I love basketball,” says Josiah Wilson. “To come after me and tell me I can’t play, that really hurt me. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to be up there at All Native with my cousins, my family, playing basketball with a lot of the different tribes." 

Adopted as infant in Haiti

Wilson, a point guard with the Heiltsuk Wolf Pack team, is of Haitian descent. He was adopted as an infant in Haiti and raised by a Heiltsuk First Nation family in Canada.

They’re telling me I’m not native at all. It hurts.- Josiah Wilson

Now, Wilson’s been barred from play. Instead of competing with his team and 400 other indigenous athletes from B.C. and Alaska in Prince Rupert this week in front of thousands of fans, he is at home in Calgary.

"I was kinda shocked,” said Wilson, 20. “It hurts. It hurts. I’ve been part of the Heiltsuk tribe. I’ve lived up in Bella Bella, I’ve played basketball with the team, engaged with the community. Now this All Native committee is telling me I’m not native at all. I’m like, ‘What?’ I’d say [it’s] racist.”

Josiah Wilson, held as an infant by his grandfather, Papa Don, was adopted at five months by a Heiltsuk doctor working in Haiti. (Facebook)

Peter Haugen, the president of the board for the All Native Basketball Tournament, declined to comment.

A letter sent to Wilson by the tournament rules committee chairman and obtained by CBC News states, “All players must be of North American indigenous ancestry/bloodlines i.e. 1/8th First Nations ancestry.”

'Extremely insulting’

“We saw it as extremely insulting,” Josiah’s father, Dr. Don Wilson, told CBC News. “It’s upholding that abhorrent notion that blood quantum or DNA or birth is what defines us as indigenous people, and it absolutely is not.”

Wilson is a Calgary obstetrician and status Indian from the Heiltsuk First Nation. He was working in Haiti in the 1990s when he adopted Josiah, then five months old.

Josiah Wilson is a point guard with the Heiltsuk First Nation basketball team, the Wolf Pack. (Liette Wilson)

Wilson says the Heiltsuk First Nation has a long-standing tradition of adoption that tournament organizers must acknowledge.

“We do not make a distinction between our children,” said Wilson. “They’re all ours. We as the Heiltsuk Nation accept my son as one of us.”

Wilson said Josiah is legally adopted, is registered with the Heiltsuk First Nation and has a status Indian card. He said Josiah was allowed to compete at All Native with his team for several years.

A letter from All Native organizers states concerns were raised this year, and that Wilson’s birthplace and adoptive status make him ineligible to play.

'I love All Native’

“It actually really hurt me,” said Josiah. “I love basketball. To come after me and tell me I can’t play, that really hurt me. I love the All Native tournament. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to be up there with my cousins, my family, to play basketball with a lot of the different tribes and members.”

Josiah Wilson and his father, Dr. Don Wilson, are both status Indians and members of B.C.’s Heiltsuk First Nation. (Facebook)

Josiah acknowledges his situation is unique.

“When I was younger, visiting my grandparents, my sister and I would be the only two black kids on the reserve. People kinda question me and they’re like,’ For reals?’ And I have to pull out my status card and show them, and they’re like, 'Wow, that’s cool,” said Josiah. “I’m black, I’m from the Caribbean, but at the same time I’m part of the Heiltsuk Nation. I consider myself one of them.”

Josiah Wilson was allowed to play in the All Native Basketball Tournament in previous years. (Facebook)

Dr. Wilson says his push to have Josiah reinstated has drawn widespread support from the Heiltsuk First Nation and on social media. Wilson hopes to change the ruling through discussion, but says he has consulted a lawyer and the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

“I want to shield my son,” he said, “and protect him from the impact of this discrimination.”

Many indigenous leaders support the right of First Nations to define membership on their own terms. But the concept of blood quantum to include or exclude First Nations people is controversial. Indigenous scholar Pam Palmater has written extensively about blood quantum. In a recent scholarly article, she calls it “part of colonial legislation” and a “racist criteria that only serve[s] state attempts to assimilate indigenous peoples.”

With files from George Baker

Random thoughts about tonights episode

Sheldon adding Amy’s name to FWF was so cute.

Amy’s face during Barry’s pole line was gold. Then you think Sheldon get’s it… But then no… I laughed so hard.

Their casual touching in general was so cute and relaxed it gave me feels.

Yes Penny you are old now… Glad the show went there and it was funny.

Team Claire… I have a feeling neither lady will be back.

Sheldon’s descent from joy to despair of the state of his show was so well done and so hilarious.

Sheldon with his back to us on his knees erasing that board… Hoo…. Omg that was so hot it made my teeth sweat.

I would give anything… ANYTHING for Sheldon to finish his thought. When two people are in love…. WHAT!!!! They steal your heart on a weekly basis?

Fic Rec February: A Hundred Years From Now

Authors: @ilyahna1980, @winebearcat

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairing: Anders/Male Hawke

Status: WIP

Summary: Dr. Elias Anders is a Danish professor of social justice at the University of Oxford in England, and Garrett Hawke is a rich American playboy planning to coast through a prestigious degree with as little effort as possible. What Garrett does not figure on is being enraptured with his taciturn, opinionated instructor. Anders will teach Hawke many things, and foremost of these is what really matters in life.

Review: I love love love opinionated professor!Anders and charming, brilliant, student!Hawke. These characters are just drawn so clearly, and their slow descent into acknowledging and acting on their attraction to each other is perfect. I’m dead. I am totally wrecked by this fic.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the smut, which I’m preeetty sure is coming soon, and in the meantime consider me to be in a state of constantly making these puppy eyes:

Read it here on AO3

It was great that Sam wasn’t horrified or shocked or horrible to Dean, but that doesn’t make him suddenly a perfect human being (yes I’ve seen those very words)  Even in that conversation he was condescending and arrogant, like Dean was stupid for thinking Sam would be shocked, and in the end he got to be the big hero and say he’ll handle it.  It’s classic Sam right down the line.  

If it had been Dean to whom Sam was confessing something uncomfortable, do you know what Dean would have said?  He would have said what he always says.  Whatever it is, whatever the problem, we’ll solve it together.  Which is entirely more empowering than Sam’s “I got it”.

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Hei there! What an episode! Did you see the tattoo on lexa's back? light circle and dark circle linked, maybe a metaphor of sky people and groundrs bonding? What do you think about that tatoo? :)

It does look like it! Or maybe the Ark’s descent to the Earth, which brought to Lexa her dear beloved Clarke <3

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A list of good Movies

okay prepare i watch a lot of movies and i’ll probably forget some: jennifers body, let me in, the help, easy a, we’re the millers, mindhunters, sucker punch, the roommate, ginger & rosa, Palo Alto, blue is the warmest colour, lost in translation, the ring, the girl with the dragon tattoo, pulp fiction, the virgin suicides, american beauty, black swan, moonrise kingdom, léon: the professional, the hostel trilogy, donnie darko, american psycho, the shining, sorority row, tmnt, heathers, the uninvited, the conjuring, the scream movies, mad max: fury road, evil dead, guardians of the Galaxy, ex machina, the hills have eyes, the wrong turn movies, the cabin in the woods, unknown user, lucy, Jupiter ascending, kingsman, Edward scissorhands, kick-ass 1+2, kill your darlings, closer, monster, the grave encounters movies, the descent, scarface, the visit, martyrs, dawn of the dead, shaun of the dead, nightmare before christmas, coraline, the thing, the road within, the breakfast club, v/h/s, v/h/s 2, v/h/s viral, silent hill 1+2, escape plan, unstoppable, the collector, the collection: the collector 2, jawbreaker, planet terror, nightcrawler, the craft, cruel intentions, ferris buellers day off, adult world, wild things, dead or alive, death proof, kill bill 1+2, lolita, wanted, girl interrupted, ghost world, who am i, the X men movies, the jurassic park movies, marvel/dc movies, 21 jump street, mean girls, die Wolke, die Welle, the call, the woman in black, dirty dancing, carrie, the silence of the lambs, clueless, spirited away, the incredibles, 28 days later, shutter island, as above so below, the grand budapest hotel, looper, 10 things i hate about you, premium rush, sin city, romeo + juliet, the runaways
(i will probably add more from time to time)

Descend into madness with the stylish poster and trailer for Darling, a black-and-white psychological horror story written and directed by Mickey Keating (Pod). It releases on April 1 via Screen Media Films.

Lauren Ashley Carter (Pod, Jug Face), Brian Morvant (Pod), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Larry Fessenden (Pod, You’re Next), John Speredakos (The House of the Devil) and Helen Rogers (Body) star.

Check out the trailer and synopsis below.

Keep reading

Sectarianism not the root cause of Middle East chaos
External image

For the vast majority of commentators and politicians, who neither anticipated nor wanted the unruly democratic uprising of the masses that was the 2011 Arab revolt, the region’s subsequent descent into sectarian violence has been a welcome relief.

It appears to them a vindication of all the stale orientalist tropes with which they deny the possibility of a Middle East ruled by its people rather than colonialists or vicious local despots.

See?, they say. The Arabs were never cut out for democracy. Their archaic religion is the antithesis of the revolutionary demands of equality and self-rule that animated the protests from Tahrir Square to Damascus in 2011. The Arab world is wracked by ancient prejudices that if not held in check by a strong state will lead to the complete collapse of social order.

There is no denying the existence of vicious sectarianism sweeping the region. The wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have taken on an increasingly sectarian dimension. The killings of Shiites and Christians by ISIS are endlessly documented by the Western media. Less reported are the massacres carried out by Shiite militias against Sunni Arabs in Iraq, or the savage sectarian violence of the Assad regime and its backers in Syria.

The execution of dissident Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi monarchy in January, a cruel provocation that was clearly calculated to inflame sectarian tensions, has escalated the Saudi conflict with Iran to…


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Kaya scodelario is so talented. Theres this scene in series 4 after Freddie goes to school and comes back to Effy's how and finds her in her mom's room and they're talking and he says "and what fuckin end would that be?" To which Effy replies "mine, Freddie." The way she looks up at him is so evil I'm obsessed with this scene

Her performance really has a lot of depth, and has from the very beginning, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for it.  Pulling off a character that doesn’t talk is incredibly difficult, but she made it work.  A convincing descent into madness is so hard to do, but she makes it look easy.  I’m so glad that her career is taking off and she’s really getting the opportunity to showcase her talent.