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First of all I love your imagines they are wonderful. Second could you do a number 1 for Jay (from Descendants ) and a number 17 for Carlos ( also from Descendants) ?

1. “Come over here and make me.”

“No. Left foot. Left foot! Jay! I told you!”
“I know. But you’re pretty cute when you’re angry.” He went to touch your face but you slapped his hand away in annoyance. He gave a look of mock hurt as your nostrils flared.
“You seemed to be the one leading. I thought the man was the one who lead.”
“Well, you can lead when you can actually dance.” You remarked, going to put the record back to the beginning.

“Now get over here and grab my waist.” You told him.
“Come over here and make me.” He challenged with a smirk.

“You know what?” You threw your hands up and began to stride out the room.
“I’m done. I’m so done. If you’re not even going to try then-” all of a sudden, your arm was yanked back by a grabbed on your wrist, Jay pulling you into his chest and twirling you, leading you around the dance floor before dipping you before the music finished.
“What was that you said about me not even trying?”

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“Help!” You called up through the basement.
“Help!” You voice was raw and hurting.
“It’s no use. We’re stuck down here.” He told you as you jumped down from the box, leaving the air vent to flow without your echoes.

You sat down, slumped against a wall and rested your head back, closing you eyes as you fists clenched.
“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” he turned around and saw your sat, your quickened breaths and quaking arms.

“Y/N?” He quickly slid over to you, asking you urgently.
“How long do think a while is?” You asked with a trembling voice. Your eyes were tightly shut, as if even a crowbar couldn’t pry them open.
“Why? What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Your eyes opened and he saw they were scared and full of tears as you quietly said:
“I don’t like small spaces. They seemed to get tighter and tighter and then I find it hard to breath.”

As if it was a Godsend, you heard the familiar barks outside the basement doors. You let out a shaky breath as Carlos cautiously left you and ran to the door.
“Dude. Good boy. I need you to go get the janitor. As quickly as possible.”

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I agree with your opinions about Descendants and Ever After High. EAH isn't perfect but it's waaay better than DD. Disney is the victim of its own inactivity. The fans were creating a highschool/kids in highschool AU verse long before they began working on the D concept so they could make their own official franchise yet Mattel beat them at their own game. It makes me angry that D are so popular when there is so much wrong with the execution of the story/setting etc.

The things that really got to me about Descendants were the horrible world creation, the fact that they butchered my favourite canon characters, and the fact that they seem to feel the need to dumb everything down to kids.

In EAH, Raven’s decision to defy her destiny and go good has consequences. People, even people who are supposed to be good, shun her for it out of fear. Hell, even Raven questions if she made the right decision, not just for herself but because of the way it could affect other people.

Not only that, but the way Disney handled the villains and their kids was just insulting.

Raven’s mother, evil as she is, opposite as the two are, loves Raven. She doesn’t just want her daughter to be evil just because she wants a miniature version of herself, she wants it because she thinks it will keep her daughter safe, because it is the only way she knows of to bond with her daughter, because she genuinely believes that she can stop Raven from being hurt by forcing the rest of the world to love her.

And Raven knows this. She stands up to her mom, she outwardly disagrees and defies her, and for good reason, but she knows that her mother loves her and doesn’t know how to handle that.

In Descendents apparently the villains literally don’t love their children. It is outright stated that they literally didn’t love their children because… Our audience is children and children are too stupid to understand nuance? 

(This is ignoring the fact that I highly doubt that the Disney villains wouldn’t love their kids. Hell, the kids share half of their DNA, if anything they would be doing their best to keep that half safe. Maleficent especially as the fae were very, very, protective of their children.)

The sunlight drips through my motel setting blinds,
Making the whole mood turn from grim Pulp Fiction to Zoey Descenal riding her bike in [500] Days of Summer
Or that script Tray wrote for her upcoming play
I love my cardigans I knit out of yarn sitting on the porch with my sister’s smokey figure humming Disney songs
and I love how my coffee went from black and white, sleep deprived, Moter-running, legs shaking; “gotta run,
gotta get to class,
Gotta drown in it before the ground enivitably crashes against my favorite glass” to
Paris cafes and sliding down unfamiliar sidewalks with Lana Del Rey playing in my head all day
I love roses and i drink for pleasure not for pain,
I’m not trying to kill anything inside of me
I’m trying to enhance my smile so it stays on my face for days not forced by any camera or stage,
I love my friend Sarah and her warm words they remind me of a peaceful era in my grandmother’s kitchen before she turned evil and I learned her house of candy was just like the stories she used to read before sleep
I don’t think about the deceit and lies I think about my love’s delicate lips and soft yet peircing eyes,
Water tastes so much better next to my heavy heart pumping proudly,
Heavy from the blood that is red the way your hair is not the way I saw it through a Stephen King lens growing up
All I saw was red but today,
As the sun sets in a room that could be seen as a cage or a canvas I see red in the clouds and peeking through the trees that no longer scream at me to save them,
I understand that love can be found anywhere,
You need to see things in the light of a setting sun or you may live the rest of your life after the dark has fallen.
—  Loose Ends Meet

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2+24 for lay!

Safe Haven | Yixing

“Stay still,” You held his jaw tight, fixing him into one position.

“I am staying still,” he said through gritted teeth. “You’re the one that keeps moving about.”

Sighing you dipped the cotton pad into the cup of water. He was always too headstrong for his own good. Never being the one to back down, you weren’t suprised to find him slumped at the door of your apartment, a red cut across his cheek and blood seeping from his eyebrow. You soaked the wound in the solution, making sure to clear out debris as you did so.

“You need to calm down,” you said, placing a bandage over the cut. You’re certain that it wouldn’t scar but not the same could be said for the slit across his eyebrow. “What were you doing anyways?”

“Nothing,” he answered.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re the one who came to my house bleeding. I think I can at least get the honor of you telling me what up.”

“You don’t need to know,” he said. “Besides, it won’t do you any good. I shouldn’t have even came here.” You could sense something in his voice. Fear? You couldn’t really tell.

You shook the bottle of disinefectant and poured a small amount into a fresh cotton pad. “Why shouldn’t you have came here? Is someone…chasing you? You know you can tell me anything.”

He paused, opened his mouth but then shook his head. “No, you need to know.”

“How long have we been friends?” You said before dabbing the cotton ball on his brow.

His face scrunched up in pain, “Long enough for me to know you don’t need to be invovled in this.”

“Is it your father?”

He opened one eye.

“How much is it now?” you continued after being spurred by his silence. “I don’t know why you don’t just ask me to help out. I can do it, I don’t mind.”

He pushed your hand away, “It’s not your burden. Just…leave it alright.” His voice although glaringly cold was fragile. “I’ll deal with it. I’ve always dealt with it. It won’t be the last one.”

You swallowed bitterely. Even you knew it wouldn’t be the last one. Yixing’s father had descened down into that dark path of gambling and loan sharks, the place where men seemed to lose all their morals and forget about their family. Their son.

“How much do they need?” you asked. “I’ve got a good sum in my savings. They shouldn’t be coming after you- let’s go the police.”

He stood up, cut still open. “My throats feeling dry, have you got anything in the fridge?”

“Yixing, sit down.”

“I just want to feel numb,alright, is that too much to ask!”

He left the room before you could answer. You were left with gauzes around you as you heard the familar liquid being poured into a glass.

“It’s too early to drink.” You said into the empty room.


Dip - Perdut Per La Negra Boscúria (2014)

Atmospheric Black Metal from Spain From the “Descens” demo released in 2014

Discography Discussion

This a fun social, interactive experiment for you guys. I’m going start posting some offerings from certain band’s discographys and have you rank them along with me from best to worst and if you can, explain why. I figured Brand New would be a good band to start with due to the blatant differences in sound each release embodies. I’ll start:

1) “The Devil & God are Raging Inside of Me” (2006)- Lacey and the boys reached their peak in terms of writing with this one. Flawless release front to back with topknotch, dark lyricism and excellent song structure. This is surely the most dark, emotional, well-structured, and musically interesting album of the four.

2) “Deja Entendu (2003)- This was the record where the group undoubtedly found their sound. The vibrant, upbeat nature of "Your Favorite Weapon” was present but stripped of the cheesiness and immaturity and luckily the beginning of the group’s descen into darkness. Deja was a much better use of Lacey’s self-loathing style serving as the perfect album bridging the first and third’s sound.

3) “Daisy” (2009)-I’m expecting this to be number 4 for all you guys but I love this record. It may have took a complete 180 from the direction “Devil and God” lead us to believe they’d go in, but it turned out to be a very fun, raw, dark, and abrasive experience.

4) “Your Favorite Weapon” (2001)- This has always been my least favorite primarily because I’ve never been much of a pop punk guy. It’s fun, youthful, and jovial but Lacey’s writing was too immature for my taste especially compared to later releases. Kids will be kids and you gotta start somewhere.

Just Friends (N.M)

Request: can you do an imagine, where nate is the girls best friend, and they act like a couple?

Here you go! Sorry it took so long! <3 xx


“Nate, are you almost ready?” I called upstairs. I stood against the wall, slowly licking my lips, as I scrolled through my Twitter feed. I was currently waiting on my best-friend Nate. He was taking me out on a “brunch date”, as he puts it. He was taking forever getting ready. Like, I only took 20 minutes.

“Chill (y/n), I’m coming.” He said as he descened down the stair case. I giggled at him, and just rolled my eyes. He smiled at me once he came into view. I smiled back, and he enveloped me into a hug. “Ready princess?” He asked, and I nodded my head. He took my hand into his and we were out the door.

A few weeks later, I was hanging out with Nate, Sam, Swazz and the Jacks at Swazz’s house. We were all gathered up on Swazz’s furniture as we watched a random movie. We weren’t really paying attention, because 30 minutes into it, we started chatting and catching up.

G, Johnson and Swazz were on the big couch, Sam was on the recliner and Nate and I were cuddled up on the loveseat. My head was rested on Nate’s chest, and my eyes were closed. I wasn’t alseep, yet everyone assumed I was. “Hey Nate,” I heard Sam’s voice. “Are you hittin’ it yet?” The other guys started to chuckle, but I felt Nate’s chest tighten up.

“Nah man, we’re just friends, you know that.” His grip tightened around me, and he pulled me closer to his chest. I shifted around again, to get comfortable, and my eyes fluttered open.

“So y’all aren’t together? ‘Cos I really thought you were..” Swazz mumbled and I started giggling.

“No Swazz, we’re not together. Nate and I are best-friends. How many times do we have to go through this?” I ask, running a hand through my hair.

Johnson furrowed his eyebrows, “but why do you guys act like a couple? You do all the couple stuff. You go on dates, you cuddle up together, you guys kiss each other like there’s nothing wrong with it. No offense, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys were fucking.

“You’re both doing coupley stuff, so why not just claim each other? It’ll be so much easier for people to keep track of.” Johnson chuckled, shaking his head as if that the obvious thing to do.

I felt Nate move, and I looked up, to make eye contact with him. He flashed me a toothy grin, pulling me closer yet again. His body heat was radiating off of himself, onto me. I could feel his heartbeat, and it was pulsing very fast. It was like he was nervous or something. “(Y/N)?” He asked under his breath.

“Yeah Nate?” I replied, my attention averting back to the television, which the rest of the boys were engrossed in. They were all oblivious to Nate and I.

“I was uh-” He began, and then he started fiddling with his thumbs. “I was wondering if you would make me very happy, and agree to being my girlfriend?” He asked in such a small voice, I barely understood what he was saying.

“Nathan Montgomery, are you asking me out?” I asked, biting my lip, as it curled up into a smile. He nodded his head, smiling wide.

“What do you say lil mama. Would you be mine?” He asked yet again, only more confident.

“Hell yes.” I muttered before grabbing his face within my hands, and connecting our lips together in a passionate kiss.

A/N: Okay wow, so i haven’t written in awhile. it feels good to be writing. sorry i was MIA. but i’m back now. keep sending in requests. i love you all! <3 xx

Link here with another oc! Meet Mia Harker, direct descenant of the Harkers of D.racula Fame!
She’s transplant from NYC to London, and is more than aware of her familial namesake! If you like  tired Lit. Students, who are learning about the things that go bump in the night, and who possibly might have psychic abilities, Come chill with Mia!

Personals (do not reblog)

my current list of descen.dants ocs that are meant for the multimuse that’s still waiting on my attention because I’m a piece of shit

  • Mikal, son of Morgana (from The L.ittle Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
  • Chiara, daughter of Audrey (from At.lantis: The Lost Empire)
  • Son of Tia Da.lma (from the P.irates of the Caribbean films)
  • Daughter of the Spring Sprite (from F.antasia 2000)
  • Son of the Ballerina and Soldier (from the steadfast tin soldier number in F.antasia 2000)
  • A kid for one of the muses (from Hercules)
  • Kid for Sweets (also from Atlantis)
  • Son of Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio)
  • Kid for Sebastian (you know where he’s from)
Niceart one-shot: King's Title

Warnings: none, other than spoilers for the general plot of re: hamatora

Pairing: Niceart

Genre: fluff and romance and angst and a bit of humor

Rating: PG-13 I believe, basically no smut or gore

Summary: King AU based on this image. With a happy ending, since we’re in dire need of those.

thanks for the help richardsthighs


He shouldn’t be here. Even if he’s dressed as a King, even if he’s claiming the throne he now gazes upon, it was not yet his. Still, he couldnt help sneaking back into the palace when he knew everyone would be out on the yearly festivity.

If his followers enquired as to why, Art would say he simply wished to check up on the throne that by rights should be his.

There was no one beside him he could trust enough to admit what he truly wished was to see the place he grew up with…him, once again.

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