Para dun sa nag save ng incomplete na med form: Hi! I went to the clinic na about the same dilemma. =)) Okay lang daw yun. Pag nasubmit mo na yung mga stuff from the thorough medical exam, the clinic will ask you to verify the information on your form. Tapos from there, you can make changes na :) --> a fellow frosh with the same dilemma.

Thanks @desaturainbow! <3

Defining Innocence

For the people I consider my second family- the people whom I love and hurt the most.

If you have read my last Tumblr post, I mentioned that last night went really rough for me. I have to simultaneously push the coldness away from me and my best friend and clear things out with my second family.  I finished this at around 1am before going to bed and while having a little chat with mom. This is a result for the wide range of strong emotions that I felt last night- guilt, happiness, excitement, curiosity, but most of all, hurt. The funny thing is that the hurt came from the ghosts that I created to hunt myself. Or at least that’s just how I see it now. I’m still too afraid to look deeper inside all of these things that I feel.

Innocence is one of those things that I’ve been finding too difficult to define lately. Now, I have to thank all those emotions for giving me a clear understanding about innocence. Innocence is one of those things that can never be restored once it is taken away. Like virginity. The funny thing is, innocence can be stolen from you before actually know it.  The thing that differs it from ignorance is that innocence only means lack of complexity and not necessarily awareness. 

I made this post around July 2010 or something. Im just reposting this to update my life lol. Time flew soo fast. And right now, I’m down to one final option.

Tomorrow, I’m going to De La Salle University to confirm my slot. It feels really good to actually settle down to one choice after battling with so many in the past 11 months. Tomorrow, I’m going to start putting these plans into action; putting these long dreamt dreams into reality. ~

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Aira Lheiz Aquino, an incoming frosh at the De La Salle University

It sounds so awesome :) All these college stuff is so exciting.

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Animo La Salle :D