"Desacralization is the destruction and minimalizing of anything that is representative of the superconscious or spiritual. (Hod/Mercury)"

“Pathology of the Sublime” from Problems on the Path of Return by Mark Stavish, M.A. in Vol 3 No 1 of Caduceus.

Desacralization is the destruction and minimalizing of anything that is representative of the superconscious or spiritual. (Hod/Mercury)” [via]

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“With the shift to a patriarchal sky-god religion, and followed by the Judaeo-Christian monotheistic traditions, the nature-reverencing goddess religions of the archaic world were suppressed, desacralized and demonized. The sacred sexuality associated with the cult of Inanna and Ishtar was condemned as prostitution. Lilith, who represented female sexual autonomy and protection of childbirth and children, was turned into a seductive demoness who stole children. Male priests and theologians found it easy to play up the terrifying aspects of goddess worship, as in the cult of Cybele, whose priests symbolically, and at times literally, offered their genitals in sacrifice to the goddess. The Indian Kali became increasingly polarized as destructive only, although the original image is balanced between birth-giving and death-dealing. Diana became the goddess of the witches. The Black Goddess entered Christianity from below as it were, in both her healing and threatening aspect. She was strongly associated with the 12th century esoteric Christianity of the Cathars, the Troubadours and the Templars, all of whom tried to overcome the dissociative split between nature-eros and dogmatic ascetic spirituality, and all of whom were savagely destroyed by the Church.”

~ Ralph Metzner (from: Green Psychology)
At photo: Goddess Tara (Tarina, Taya, Tabitha, Nastia, Thais)

So Jigolo Har Megiddo, right? You know, that Ghost song about banging? Let me just refresh you on the lyrics before we move forward.

I am the one who preys on weak. I offer everything they seek, and I am the one who comes richly endowed, harvesting crops of fields that others have plowed. I am the one, lascivious.  I am the son of one below,
the progeny of beast, of woe, and I am the son who comes into the daughters of men, destroying all and make them want it again. I am the son, lascivious. (He is the one desacralizer. He is the son of the enticer, the all-seeing subterranean kaiser. He is the way, he is the way.)  I am the way, and you invited me to stay. However fair and pure, you crave the wand. You see through me what lies beyond. I am the one lascivious. I am the one lascivious. I am the one lascivious, with magic potion niveous.

Got it? Okay, good. Now, ask yourself: what does “niveous” mean? You know what “niveous” means? “Snowy or resembling snow.” So basically white. His magic potion is fucking white.