I don’t understand - Part 2

N/A: Hey! As requested by @int0xicated-des0lation, here’s part two for the Bucky fic. I loved writing it, Bucky gives me all the feels! I got a bit carried away but I hope you’ll like it! Thank you for all the attention you guys have been giving to my stories, it great!!if you have any requests feel free to ask!  

Prompt: Reader has feelings for Bucky, but is afraid to ruin their friendship.



It has been a month since Bucky first talked to you. In that time you got to know him better and you tried to help him get more used to living in the twenty first century. He already had a cellphone he could barely use but at least he could text, he learned how to use netflix on his own and is not afraid of using the microwave anymore. Everything was baby steps but it was worth it. He would smile now, only sometimes but when he did you’d always feel a little sense if happiness. He talked to other people now, he started training and eating with the team, even his nightmares started getting a bit better. He would improve a bit every day and you would fall in love with him a little bit more every day.

You were in bed, reading a book trying to relax after a rather harsh training day when you heard a knocking.

“Hey Y/N, are you busy?” Bucky opened your door, putting only his head in, still feeling like walking into a girls room was a bit intrusive.

“Not really, I was just reading, what’s up?” You closed your book, walking up to him, opening your door a little bit more, making him a little less uncomfortable.

“I was wondering if you’d like to watch some Friends?” He looked at you with his beautiful blue eyes, giving you his best smirk. God, you loved that smirk. You were probably staring for to long because his smirk turned to a pout. “With popcorn and beer?” As his lips moved you snapped out of your transe.

“Yeah, that sounds great. But only if there really is beers and popcorn, lots of them.” You smiled, hooking your arm with his flesh one, half walking half bouncing to the living room, seeing that the beers and popcorn were already there. “Planning aged? How were you so sure I’d say yes?”

“I guess I know you too well doll.” And with that your legs melted. It happened every time he called you doll. It started just a few days ago, out of nowhere in the morning, you were alone in the kitchen and when he asked for the milk, he called you doll. Ever since he’d always call you doll when you two were alone.

“I guess you do.” You both sat down on the couch, not as close as you wished but closer than you would a month ago. You played the show, enjoying your time together. Friends was your thing, yours and Bucky’s, it was nice that he enjoyed it as much as you. When you started watching from the begging it was cute to see him relate to some things, but mostly he was so confused by it. The Avengers don’t really have normal lives so he didn’t really understand some of the concepts. Also, the 90s are a bit difference then now, so he started to get things confused. But mostly, the cutest thing was when he would watch Joey with girls or the whole ‘we where on a break’ thing.

“why do men treat women like that? No Ross, it does not mean you can sleep with someone else!” He shouted at the tv, so mad at Ross’ actions.

“Its different nowadays, it’s not the same as it was in the 40s.”

You chuckled, remembering the day you and Bucky had you first argument about that. You got your attention back to the show, drinking some more of your beer and eating popcorn. You both stayed like that for a few hours.

After a considerable amount of beers, you were feeling lighter than usual. You couldn’t seem to take your eyes of Bucky, admiring every aspect of him. He looked beautiful drinking his beer from the bottle, his lips slightly apart. His lips. Oh my god his lips. He looked at you, feeling your eyes on him for quite a while now.

“You are missing it.” He said bluntly, trying to control his voice so that you wouldn’t notice how uncomfortable that look you gave him made him feel. It wasn’t that he didn’t like you, it was that he liked you too much. He knew you deserved better, so he tried his hard to swallow his feelings.

“I don’t care, I’ve seen it already.” You kept looking at him, trying to memorize all his features. He was blushing now. He looked at you, and what a mistake that was. Your gazes locked. You started to move in his direction, sitting very close to him now. You could feel the heat resisting from his body, luring you in even more. You put one of your hands on his knee and the other on his neck, pulling him in closer. He placed his flesh hand on your arm, slightly pulling you away. You backed away, hurt.

“I’m sorry, I-I’m really- I didn’t- oh my god I’m sorry.” You stood up, turning your back to him, too ashamed to look at him. How could you have done that? Of course he didn’t feel like that about you. How could you have been that stupid? You were walking back to your room. Well, half walking half stumbling, but you’d make it, until you felt a cold hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N please stop. Look at me.” There was no way would look at him. The embarrassment and hurt too evident in your face, and you didn’t want him to feel bad about anything. “Please doll?”

“Why do you do that? Why do you call me doll? Why do you give me those smirks? If you don’t like me why do that? It not okay to lead people on! Just stop doing that if you don’t want anything with me!” At some point in that you started screaming and shoving him back. He, for some reason, started to laugh at you. “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny! You’ve been screwing with my feelings since the day you got here! So just stop it okay?” You shoved him a bit harder, putting all your frustration in it, an he stopped laughing. You kept staring at each other, you were panting from all the shouting and showing and he looked distressed. You meant it. That’s when he realized that you honestly thought he was a, well, a dick.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way. I didn’t mean to play with you, I was just trying, uhm, I was-”

“WHAT?” He didn’t understand what he did wrong. He kept his distance. He tried his hard not to flirt.

The tension in the room could’ve been cut like a knife. He was staring at you with confused eyes while you tried your hard not to look at his mouth. He could’ve just sent you to your room. He should’ve put you in a shower to sober you up and put you to sleep. But all he did was close the space between you, smashing his mouth on yours. It took you by surprise, by the next second your hands were in his hair, pulling him in. Things got heated way too fast. Before you knew it, you were pressed against the wall, your legs wrapped around his waist. All those days waiting for something to happen, shoving your feelings inside, and finally you were able to feel him. His lips against yours. Her lips against his. And now neither of you could stop.

You reached for his shirt, pulling it up. His lips parted from yours for just a second, crashing back to yours after taking his shirt off, going back to kissing you just as passionately than before. You slid your hands through his stomach, feeling his muscles under your fingers. You put your hands on his shoulders, following his arms to intertwine his fingers with yours. But as he felt you touching his arm he flinched back. He broke the kiss, looking at you.

“I think we should slow down a bit” he chuckled, giving you a small peck.

“I’d be okay with that.” You smiled at him.


Hope you liked it!