lois lane week: day six | retro

Noel Neill: Gals would come up to me and go “Gee, you know it was something when I saw you on television working as a woman in a newspaper office and part of the men’s club. It gave them the courage to get out there. Dana Delany: Lois Lane was ahead of her time. It was really important to have that as a role model for girls my age. She was a career woman, and she didn’t take crap from anybody. Margot Kidder: I think you play Lois in accordance with your cultural time. Jeph Loeb: She was a smart, tough, sexy gal who worked in a man’s world. – Being Lois Lane


DC unveils their themed variants for August, as DC Bombshells RETURN! And this time it ain’t just the women featured! 

1) Action Comics #43 by Ant Luca

2) Aquaman #43 by Ant Luca

3) Batman #43 by Ant Luca 

4) Batman/Superman #43 by Des Taylor

5) Catwoman #43 by Des Taylor

6) Deathstroke #9 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey 

7) Detective Comics #43 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

8) Grayson #11 by  Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

9) Green Arrow #43 by Ant Luca

10) Green Lantern #43 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

These all look great, and as a fan of the original variants from last June, I gotta say, I”m really exited for these! Plus we get women AND MEN featured, the single biggest drawback from the previously mentioned June variants!