DC unveils their themed variants for August, as DC Bombshells RETURN! And this time it ain’t just the women featured! 

1) Action Comics #43 by Ant Luca

2) Aquaman #43 by Ant Luca

3) Batman #43 by Ant Luca 

4) Batman/Superman #43 by Des Taylor

5) Catwoman #43 by Des Taylor

6) Deathstroke #9 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey 

7) Detective Comics #43 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

8) Grayson #11 by  Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

9) Green Arrow #43 by Ant Luca

10) Green Lantern #43 by Emanuella Luppachino & Tomeu Morey

These all look great, and as a fan of the original variants from last June, I gotta say, I”m really exited for these! Plus we get women AND MEN featured, the single biggest drawback from the previously mentioned June variants! 

Here are all my favourite taylorswift Blank Space’s video’s favorite outfits ! I hope you’ll like them and warm you up, I drew each of them with love :)

I was really happy to draw these, after being so obsessed with that video (like I’ve rarely been before with any other one). I tried to check the stylist’s name but couldn’it find it - do you know who did the Blank Space styling ? If you do please tell me :)

Now I’ve got to find another obsession.



Mientras estés vivo, siempre existe la posibilidad de que las cosas mejoren.

Hija de humo y hueso. Laini Taylor

+ Maat’TGY