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“You are, by far, the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth. I get to die knowing I was loved—not just by anyone—by you, Elena Gilbert. It’s the epitome of a fulfilled life. It’s never gonna get any better than this. I peaked.”



Alexander Hamilton

Mother’s Day (Angst/Fluff)

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John Laurens

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Hercules Mulligan

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Marquis de Lafayette

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Philip Hamilton

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Thomas Jefferson

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The Box of Holes (Fluff)

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The Rooftop (Collab) (Angst)

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Lafayette/Peggy Schuyler

Breaking Point (Part Two) (Angst/Fluff)

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Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Usnavi de la Vega

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Revenge, Birthdays & Grammy Shots (Fluff)

The Children of Stars


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A Rather Small Event

The low rumble of the car’s engine lulled Alexander into a slow train of thought, the passing buildings and scenery fading into his mind. He was going to see Lafayette later, and as he fidgeted with his engagement ring, he knew that today was going to mark an enormous change in his life. The stiff suit and tie Hercules had forced him to wear was much more somber than he would have liked, but it didn’t concern him much, what with the main event of today overtaking the parts of his brain that hadn’t been tucked away as to focus on today.

As they passed a park, a particular memory fell into his head. That was the park where Lafayette had taken him on their first date. Alexander had spilled his coffee on the frenchman, and asked what he could do to make it up. Lafayette had jokingly suggested a date, and Alexander had jokingly agreed.

The summer air had been fresh that afternoon, soft winds blowing through their hair as they laughed at each other’s fake over-romanticized flirting. They had joked and Lafayette had teasingly held out his arm with a pen, joking that the only way to get a cute man’s phone number was to have it written on his arm. Alexander had taken the pen despite Lafayette’s giggles and scrawled down his phone number in the glittery ink.

‘Why do you even have a glitter pen?’ He’d asked teasingly, handing it back to Lafayette once he’d written his phone number down on the other man’s dark skin. Lafayette had simply laughed and told him that a good magician must keep some secrets to himself and blown Alexander a kiss before running off.

“You okay, Alex? You seem a little nervous.” John asked, interrupting Alexander’s thoughts with his uneven voice.

“Aren’t I allowed to be nervous?” He’d replied, smiling weakly at John. He was glad that John had offered to drive him to their destination- he didn’t think that he would be able to drive there alone, with all that was on his mind.

“I know, I just don’t want you to do anything stupid, Alex.” John told him, eyes focused on the road.

“I always do stupid shit. That’s why we’re friends, John. And…I won’t do anything stupid. I really don’t want to mess anything up today of all days. You know that, right?”

“I know, Alex.” John replied quietly, dropping the conversation as quickly as possible. He needed to focus on traffic, which was getting pretty bad- and Alexander didn’t want to be late for this. It was essentially the one day he could not, under any circumstances, be late to, or even miss.

Bright sunlight flooded through the car windows, shining into his eyes as they passed another familiar building- it was the shitty apartment complex Lafayette and Alexander had first lived together in. The landlord had been a dick, and the heating was old, but they’d both been recently starting their careers, and it didn’t matter where they lived at the time, so long as they were together. He supposed that was what gave him the best memories of the place.

Cold winter afternoons spent together watching reruns of 90s sitcoms, warm spring mornings spent in bed together, trying to memorize each curve of each other’s bodies before they had to get dressed. He idly wondered if the shag carpeting was still softer in the spots beneath the windows, which had also been the warmest place in the apartment. If the people living there cleared out the living room to dance together, just like he and Lafayette had.

Perhaps it was for the best if he didn’t know that. Opening the window slightly, he felt the breeze flutter through his hair, soft and feather-light. He closed his eyes briefly, only opening them again when the car stopped at a traffic light. His breathing stopped for a moment as he realized where they were.

The ocean was next to them, trapped below nearly twenty feet of a concrete wall. It was the place Lafayette had proposed to him. Alexander had been staring out at the water, only turning to see Lafayette down on one knee when he felt the silence overtake them. There had been crying, and kissing, and muffled “Yes”s as Lafayette slipped the ring onto his finger and they embraced, the evening sky’s stars not nearly as bright as Lafayette’s eyes.

An ocean became a blur as John passed the sight, not able to look Alexander in the eyes even for a passing moment. This would be a hard day for him, but he would get through it-he had to. He had to be able to watch as it happened, and he had to be able to live with it for the rest of his life. He only hoped that he wouldn’t break down halfway through the ceremony.

The car abruptly stopped, pulling up to the parking lot beside the church. Not many cars were there, as they had decided to make this all a rather small event, despite how large it would impact the lives of those who attended. Stepping out of the car, Alexander twisted the engagement ring on his finger, a nervous habit he’d acquired in the time he and Lafayette had spent as each other’s fiancees.

He smiled slightly at the sight of George Washington, who had been hurrying into the church accompanied by his wife, Martha. John turned to him and placed a hand on Alexander’s shoulder.

“You ready for this?” He asked, voice nearly silent, and not making eye contact.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Alexander replied at a similar volume.

Taking in a deep breath, he stepped into the church, and smiled. It wouldn’t do well to cry, even if that was slightly expected of him. Nodding slightly at John, he entered the main area of the chapel, ignoring the stares of everyone in the room.

Hands at his side, he walked down the rows of pews to the front of the church. Lafayette, was there, seemingly waiting for him.

Alexander smiled weakly at him, feeling a single tear fall down his face as he remembered just how much he loved Lafayette. Lafayette looked peaceful, almost, nearly smiling as well.

He let himself cry a little bit more. After all, the man he loved was at the end of the aisle, yes, but he wasn’t standing there waiting.

Lafayette lay in his coffin, silent, with his arms across his chest, protecting the heart that had once loved Alexander.


Voltron Fic Rec #1

I wanted to make a fic rec because there are just way too many lovely fanfics out there that deserve recognition ;)

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personal fav, au time travel, slow build, klance - Finished but a series 25/25

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de-aging, angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, klance - Series on-going, 3 fin stories

personal fav, angst, hurt/comfort, family paladins, ptsd, lance!whump, no ships so far - Series on-going, 7 works

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standalone; pg-13; fluff + angst; msr; through the years;  

A/N: This got a little away from me. They’re not all piggy back rides, sorry! But the sentiment is there. Send me prompts!!!



He laughs at her silently for a full five minutes before he figures he should help her. Besides, he’s depending on a breeze just as much as she is. The basement office A.C. unit is never a priority for the maintenance staff. 

Would it be possible, really, for him to tell her to move out of the way so that he could open the window himself? Maybe. Would it be nearly as fun? No way in hell.

She reacts predictably when he sneaks up behind her and grabs her by the waist. She kicks at him even as he’s hoisting her in the air, a squirming, seething, five-two mess, but she dutifully unlocks the basement window and shoves at the panes while she shouts out curses from above him. 

He stalls for a moment with her in the air because it’s pissing her off and, honestly, disturbingly, he enjoys the closeness. But he’s very careful to keep his distance when he sets her down, backing away in record time. 

He lets her cuss him out and stomp around the office in her best She-Hulk impression, but it’s hard to miss the little curve of her lips and the light in her eyes. 



He’s wired on sheer gratitude right now. Nothing else could explain his ability to throw the dead weight of his naked partner over his shoulder and plow steadily over the icy terrain, when just moments ago he was succumbing to a certain frozen death.

He’s just so happy to see her. She’s so small, though his fatigue makes her the heaviest thing he’s ever carried. There is no where for them to go, but he is dead-set on carrying her until they find shelter or they freeze to death where he’s standing, with her curled over his back like a sack of potatoes.

He spots a watch tower in the distance. 



If she wants to kill him, let her. The blood on her shirt is seeping through his own and for a second too long he’d been so sure her heart was gone, her heart, that important little piece of muscle that he relies on a hell of a lot more than she does.

She doesn’t fight him, though. She clings to his arms like a straight jacket. In his haze of selfless selfishness he realizes that there are agency issues at play and he wants to give her a choice for once, so he transfers her onto his back and feels too much when her legs wrap around his waist.



Their tentative foray into physical intimacy has meant a lot of things, to his soul and to his dick, but mostly it means she can relax around him now. She has this laugh that used to make an appearance about once a year, his absolute favorite cryptozoological creature, but now he hears it once a day. 

And they touch, too, not those desperate little end-of-the-world touches, not even just sexually, but they hold hands during out of office lunch breaks and sleep on each other in planes – on purpose

Today she’s helping him clean his bedroom because she trips every time she stays the night. The frustrated edge to her voice, the one that used to infuriate him but now just makes him smile, owes to his refusal to throw anything out.

“This magazine is thirteen years old!” She huffs out, jerking it wildly in the air. The movement causes the centerfold to fall out and her eyes do that twitching thing she does when she can’t believe this is her life.

“It’s a collectible,” he shrugs. She lets out a heavily put-upon sigh and throws it in the keeper box. Time for a break, then. 

“C’mon, Scully,” he nods his head to the door and moves to get up. “I bought some of that unsweet tea sacrilege and a frozen pizza.” 

“Lucky me,” she grumbles, rolling her neck until she hears a satisfying crack and getting up to follow him into the kitchen.

There’s a sudden all-consuming need to hear that laugh just once today, along with the bittersweet realization he’ll probably never get to carry her over any threshold. Her back is to him as she leans against the counter, taking greedy gulps of her disgusting plain leaf water, and she barely even startles when he scoops her up from her knees. 

“Mulder,” she warns. Ooh, those are some cold eyes, Scully. He smiles at her dumbly like she’s a fairground prize he’s escorting out of the themepark. “Mulder.”

“Nice to see you, Scully. Come here often?”

She does the twitch thing again. Then her arms thrust out resignedly, and she demands: “Your back.” Mulder doesn’t waist any time, her knees cradled under the backs of his elbows, and oh, yes, there is that laugh again.



Sometimes he carries her like that out of the car and into motel rooms because half-asleep is the only way she’ll let him.



Her fidgeting is distracting only because she never does that. The sight of it is extraterrestrial in nature. The rocking chair she’s abusing is making stumpy little noises against the raw wood and Mulder needs her to stop before she leaves scuff marks. 

“Mulder, what if he doesn’t like the mattress we picked out?” She asks in a watery voice. “Maybe it’s too soft.”

“It’s not too soft,” he says patiently.

He should be watching the winding driveway but he keeps his eyes on her, worried that she might topple over. He puts his hand over the one that’s clenching around the armrest and they both look out in front of them. 

When a little car finally pulls through the gate, just barely in their eyesight, he wants to start fidgeting, too. But he forces himself to stand up on shaky legs and brings her up with him.

They can’t bring themselves to stand there on the porch when he’s right there, can’t bring themselves to spend one more moment wishing he’d come to them. No, they’d come to him.

But her legs are too wobbly. She almost trips down the steps and he needs an excuse to stop himself from crying anyway, so when her feet hit the ground he’s bending over and pulling her to him. He is sick with relief when she takes the hint and climbs up on his back, and they stay that way the whole walk there, right until they meet that little car in the middle. 

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Honestly de aged oro = angst like why even plant the idea into my mind I am d e p r e s s e d

But it could be so cute too? Like bb!Oro meeting Naruto and Bonding. Sakura and Oro being geniuses together. Oro being so smart and strong that Sasuke can’t ignore him and gets dragged into being a teammate against his will. Kakashi being So Done but also super protective - he would sacrifice all four of them to Jashin for a shoelace but if you badmouth them or threaten then he will End You. It doesn’t have to be angst, it could be adorableness.

works in progress || as of june 22, 2017


~ i guess i need u (yongguk smut)
~ diamond 4 ya (daehyun smut)
~ when the cherry blossoms fade (jongup fluff)

~ spring day (seokjin angst, fluff)
~ an intimate conversation (namjoon smut)

~ black & white (hyungwon soulmate!au, fluff, smut)
~ incomparable (kihyun smut)
~ don’t say no (kihyun angst, fluff)
~ shine forever (kihyun angst)
~ good boy (sub!wonho smut)


~ what do you mean (zelo smut, fluff)
~ i love you (himchan smut)

~ take me away (hoseok fluff)
~ maybe someday (seokjin angst, fluff)

~ one and only (hyungwon smut)


~ noir (mafia!au, smut, angst)
~ matoki meets world (boy meets world!au, fluff)

~ study buddies (jungkook college!au, smut)
~ what i want (taehyung smut, angst)

~ i feel you (kihyun smut, fluff)


~ jooheon + the park
~ traveling w/ bestie!minhyuk
~ jooheon + soft mornings
~ cyberpunk!hyunwoo
~ kihyun + gritty nightlife
~ minwon + prince and the pauper!au
~ cuddling w/ boyfriend!minhyuk
~ spring date w/ changkyun
~ being sick w/ kihyun


“Within the perils of his own demons, he came to recognize the purity held within you, and how even the loneliest of creatures have the ability to feel.”

  • Yoongi x Reader
  • Words: 1,829
  • Genre: Angst, Fluff, Supernatural themes

a/n: idek what this is, unedited because it’s 3 am.

He phased into your reality within a flash, unseen to all others passing around him, through him, unaware of the mythical being standing at the corner of twenty second and fifth; irises a mixture of fire and cobalt, a perfect contradiction of his very existence.

He gazed at you from across the narrow road, lined with cars and street vendors that yelled out into the brisk morning. It was easy to spot you, a face all too familiar to him, and rightfully so, after the many years spent by your side, watching and protecting.

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