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How Do You Know when You're Ready to Date?

How do you know when you’re ready to date?

You’re ready to date when:

•You love Jesus more than the person you’re interested in dating.
•If you’re more infatuated with the person you’re interested in dating than you are with Jesus, that person will become an idol. And whoever we idolize, we’ll demonize when they let us down.

•You realize that your worth, significance, and identity are found in Christ.
•If your worth, significance, and identity are found in the person you’re interested in dating, that person will become an idol. And whoever we idolize, we’ll demonize when they let us down.

•You realize that God has placed the person you’re interested in dating in your life for you to bless, not curse.
•If you don’t see the person you’re interested in dating through these Christ-colored lenses, you won’t see him or her as a person God has placed in your life for you to nurture in his/her spiritual journey. After you date someone, you want them to say, “I’m deeper in love with Jesus because of you. Thank you.”

Dating is serious business!
Dating is not something that we should enter into “because” everyone else is doing it. People are not toys from Target! I think the divorce rate is so high because we practice divorce in our dating years. This is why your discipleship is so important. The more you love God, the more you will be able to love someone else. You’ll be a blessing and not a cursing.

-Derwin Gray

Derwin L. Gray – Limitless Life

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“If you’re looking to get free, Derwin points the way.” – Mark Batterson

I was worried when I first received this book. Limitless Life? I have heard enough prosperity gospels in my time to know that that’s not something I want to get into. But, my attitude quickly changed when I started reading. I saw some high profile reviews in the front, from the likes of Jefferson Bethke, Judah Smith, and Marshall Faulk. Then I saw the chapter titles:

-          Afraid to Courageous

-          Addicted  to Free

-          Mess to Masterpiece

-          Orphan to Adopted

-          Damaged goods to Trophy of Grace

-          Legalistic to Grace-Covered

-          Consumer to Contributor

-          Purposeless to Purposeful

-          Worker to Worshiper

-          Failure to Faithful

I quickly realized this wasn’t a prosperity gospel book, but an “I came to give you life, and life fulfilled” type of book. I finally started to read about this limitless life, and quickly fell in love with this book. Not only is Derwin Gray an amazing individual, but God is doing amazing things in his life. He is pastoring a church called Transformation Church. I thought this was awesome! What an amazing name for a church. I loved that from the beginning. Then as this book continues as you see that transformation is what Gray is all about.

The book is set up beautifully. It is set up by using personal stories and then giving you different “Keys” to changing your label. Gray says that we all have labels and when they are negative labels they hold us back, but when our labels are given to us from God, our lives become limitless. So the keys allow us to open our lives up to God. The “Keys” from chapter one, Afraid to Courageous, are:

Key 1: Have a Humble Heart

Key 2: Believe That God and His Love for You Are Bigger Than Your Giant

Key 3: Expect Opposition … and Use It as Fuel

Key 4: Remember God’s Past Faithfulness

Key 5: Wear God’s Armor

Key 6: Know You Are Loved

He then adds a mediation section, “Marinate On That!”. This is an area for us to focus on and really take in. This isn’t a book he wrote so that you could read in one sitting, it’s suppose to sit in your soul and “wallpaper” your mind. To end every chapter he opens up a “Transformation Moment.” Here he gives you something to do with your Head, Heart, and Hands. This allows you to meditate, pray, and act. It’s a great way for you to take what you learned and put it into practice.

I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to just about everyone. I don’t have any concerns about this, only that you don’t read this too quickly. Enjoy it, love it, Love God through it.