The Breakup - Draco Malfoy x Reader (Request)

Request: “Can you do a draco/ reader one shot about Draco and you having a heated argument cause he kissed another girl (and the reader as his girlfriend) at a party and her breaking up with him”

Warning: Some Strong Language

Y/M/N = Your Mum’s Name, Y/BF/N = Your Best Friend’s Name.


It was the end of the summer holidays and 6th year Hogwarts students had organised a beach party in North Wales. You were looking forward to going as you could finally see your friends and your boyfriend Draco Malfoy again, even if it did mean a long drive up to some place called Anglesey.

“Well we can hardly fly can we dear, you’d be exhausted! Besides, me and your father are going to your grandmother’s. It’s a shame she’s not connected to the Floo Network really.” your mum had told you whilst stuffing a suitcase into the boot of the car.

“I do hope you can bring Draco up to meet your grandmother, Y/N. He’s a charming young man. You must take after your mum with your great choice in men.” your dad chuckled to himself.

You felt bad as a pang of dread came across you at the mere thought of Draco. You hadn’t seen him since he waved your parents’ car off at King’s Cross Station at the start of the summer and, to some extent, you were glad you had been apart for the past two months.

The weeks leading up to the summer holidays in Hogwarts were hardly blissful; you and Draco kept arguing due to him being so jealous and possessive of you and not wanting you to have male friends, yet taking it upon himself to flirt with every girl that looked at him.


“Y/N. Wake up, love. We’re here!” your mum’s voice rings through the peaceful nothingness of your sleep and you open your eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light of the lowering sun blinking through the car window.

You smile to yourself as you look up at your grandmother’s old brick cottage, remembering all the times your parents brought you here on holiday.

You’ve never understood why, but your grandma’s house had always provided you with a sense of comfort. There was something about how it felt so isolated from the rest of the world and the oldness of the place. The way the wildness of the garden crept up the sides of the brick walls, past the shuttered windows and up to the thatched roof.

All of a sudden the old wooden door sprung open and your Grandmother stood there with a smile stretching from ear to ear and her arms open wide.

“Here she is!” she smiles, making a bee-line towards you and grasping you tightly in her arms before holding you at arms length and studying you. “My, haven’t you grown! I haven’t seen you in… Well, it must have been years now!” she exclaims.

“It was only last Christmas grandma!” you giggle as she strokes your cheek with her thumb.

“Yes well, I would like to see you more often darling.” she answers, shooting a testy look at your parents.

“Well mother, if you weren’t so stubborn we could visit you whenever we liked through the fireplace instead of having to drive all the way up here.” your mum retorted in an equally testy manner as you grandmother rolled her eyes.

“I’m not having people whizzing in and out of my chimney thank you very much, Y/M/N.” your grandma replied haughtily.

“They’re not whizzi-”

“Why are we all stood about out here anyway, come in! Derwen will get your bags and take them up to your rooms.” your grandma calls out over your mothers voice as she takes your hand and leads you inside.


After eating the elaborate dinner that your grandmother had prepared for you and your parents, you went upstairs to your bedroom to get dressed ready for the beach party. It was still quite warm so you decided to wear shorts and a nice top but took a long sleeved knitted jumper with you in case you got cold later.

‘Well Draco’s hardly going to be gentlemanly enough to give me his jumper is he.’ you think to yourself sarcastically before going downstairs to say goodbye to your parents and grandma.

“You look wonderful dear!” your grandma beams as you enter the living room.

“Be safe, Y/N. You never know who’s out there and what their intentions are.” your dad states seriously.

“Yeah dad, I know. It is only up the road though and my friends will be there.” you reassure him.

“And Draco!” your mum reminds you, grinning at you weirdly as you suppress the urge to roll your eyes.

“Ah, yes! I want him around here tomorrow morning, Y/N.” your grandma announces pompously, “I need to see if this boy is good enough for you.”

“I don’t know when or how he’s planning on going home, but if he’s staying up here for a while I’ll ask him to come round.” you smile at your grandma, imagining her unrelenting eyes examining Draco and making him feel as uncomfortable as he so often makes you.

Hearing a knock at the door, you say goodbye to your family and head outside. Standing there are your two best friends, Y/BF/N and Y/BF/N and you talk about how your summers have been as the three of you walk down to the beach.


You walk down a sandy hill and through some sand dunes, hearing music and the buzz of people coming from the distance.

“I can’t wait to see everyone again!” your friend squeals excitedly, doing a mini hop-jump as she walks.

“I bet Draco is desperate to see you, Y/N.” Y/BF/N giggles with a wink.

“I highly doubt it, there’ll be plenty of girls here with their skin on show.” you chortle, “Oh look, there’s one now.” you mutter, nodding your head towards a girl running up the shore line, giggling stupidly as what you assume to be her boyfriend chased her.  

“Don’t be silly. You know he cares about you!” she argues.

“He cares about whether or not he has someone to call his 'girlfriend’, he doesn’t care about me at all.” you sigh.

“I don’t think that’s true.” Y/BF/N states half-heartedly.

“We all know that’s the truth.” you laugh weakly.

The three of you walk towards a camp-fire in the middle of the beach and sit down on one of the big thick logs surrounding it. There’s quite a few of your classmates at the party but the only thing you’re looking out for is Draco’s distinctive white-blond hair in the crowd.

“Did you miss me, babe?” Draco’s smooth voice whispers into your ear as his strong arms snake around your waist.

The sound of Draco’s voice instantly puts you at ease and you feel like you may have worked yourself up about the slightest problems within your relationship in his absence.

You lean back into Draco’s arms as he kisses your cheek before sitting down next to you, placing a possessive arm around your waist.

“Maybe.” you smile, placing your head on his muscular shoulder.

“You should have come to stay at my parents’ house.” Draco announces, stroking up and down your thigh.

“It probably would have helped if you’d invited me.” you state sarcastically.

“Or you could have just surprised me.” he retorts.

“Well I’m not going to just turn up at your parents’ house am I? You’d probably have not wanted me to be there anyway.” you mumble.

“What? What do you mean?” he asks, pulling away from you.

“Nothing.” you reply.

“Come on Y/N, tell me.” he urges.

“I don’t want to argue Draco, let’s just have a nice night. I’ll speak to you about it tomorrow.” you smile, putting your arm around his neck and kissing him lightly on his lips.

Draco, you and your friends sit around the camp-fire for what seems like hours, chatting about what you’ve all been doing over the summer and the school year ahead.  

The same bikini clad girl from earlier walks past Draco and you notice him trying to discreetly stare at her as she sits down.

“Draco!” You nudge him.

“Yeah?” he answers, snapping his eyes away from her and tightening his grip around you.

“Don’t act all innocent.” You sigh.

“What do you mean?” he questions.

You make a face as if you’re pretending to ogle at someone and Draco laughs.

“Her? Don’t be stupid!” he exclaims, watching as the girl gets up and walks around the corner. “Why would I look at anyone else when I’ve got the best looking girl right in my arms.” He smirks, lifting your chin and kissing you passionately.

You both re-join the group’s conversation but the girl is still on your mind. You can’t help but think she’s much prettier than you; she has longer, skinnier legs, gorgeous tanned skin and long blonde, beach-waved hair.

“Do you want a drink, Y/N?” Draco interrupts your thoughts.

“Oh, yeah,” you reply as Draco gets up. “Just my usual please!”

As Draco walks off behind a sand dune, one of your best friend’s comes to sit next to you and asks you how it’s been going with him.

“Not too bad. It just annoys me when he’s constantly looking at other girls and I know I shouldn’t be so jealous but he flirts with anything that moves RIGHT in front of me.” you huff.

“I know what you mean.” your friend sighs, “I don’t think he tries to hurt you you know. I was talking to Blaise earlier and he said that Draco’s been looking forward to seeing you!”

“Well he’s not going to tell you that Draco doesn’t want to see me is he.” you snap, feeling bad for doing so straight away and apologising before changing the conversation.

“Bloody hell, where are the drinks kept? Back in London? He’s been gone ages!” you exclaim after some time, getting up and brushing bits of wood and sand off the back of your legs. “I’m going to see where he is, I’m thirsty!”

Walking around the sand dunes, you realise he’s nowhere to be seen near the drink coolers and you ask if anyone’s seen him.  

“He went that way with some girl.” Goyle points dumbly towards some sand dunes in the distance and your heart sank, knowing deep down what was coming.

You noticed Blaise dig him harshly in his ribs as you walked towards where he had pointed.

“What the hell did you tell her that for?!” he hissed angrily.

Your heart was pounding in your chest as you walked up the sand dunes, your eyes searching for any sign of movement. Trying to stay strong, you felt like you were going to cry or be sick, feeling more nervous right now than you had ever felt before in your life. You’d always known that Draco was flirty by nature, but deep down you never actually thought that he’d be disloyal to you.

You heard a girl’s high pitched giggling and you recognised it as the same stupid giggle that had emitted from the 'bikini girl’ earlier. Palms sweating, you felt like your legs were going to give way at any moment but you continued to trudge on up the hill through the sand.

Reaching the top of the dune, you look down to find Draco with the blonde girl straddling him, his hands roaming all over her toned body as she sucks his face off.

“I hope she’s fucking worth it.” You shout down at him, holding back your tears as a lump forms in your throat.

You see Draco’s horrified face look up at you as he snatches his hands away from her as if she had dramatically risen in temperature and attempts to get out from underneath her.

You storm off as Draco scrambles up the sand dune, sending sand flying everywhere as he chases you.

“Leave me alone Draco!” you shout, wiping tears away from your cheeks as you march back towards the camp-fire.

“Babe, please. Y/N, just listen to me.” He pleads, grabbing your arm as you reach the group of people hanging around the coolers and pulling you around to face him.

“Why the fuck should I!? ‘Why would I want to look at anyone when I’ve got the best looking girl right in my arms’.” You mock him in a gormless voice, “You’re such a fucking liar!”

“Y/N, come on. I didn’t – It wasn’t-” he stutters, looking around and noticing that your argument was gathering a lot of attention.

“Oh what are you going to tell me next? You just HAPPENED to fall underneath her!?” you scoff, rolling your eyes exasperatedly.

People were beginning to gather around now, whispering and sniggering to themselves.

“No, I was getting a drink and she was all ‘Ooh hey, Draco.’ and I tried to walk away, honestly, but then the guys were all like ‘Has Y/N got you under the thumb?’ and then-”

“Oh fuck off with your excuses, Draco. Don’t ever try to speak to me again because if I see your screwy little face, trust me, no girl will ever want to look at it again!” you threaten, snatching your arm out of his grip and storming back to your friends, leaving Draco to stand there with an abashed look on his face.


Thanks for the request! Sorry if it isn’t exactly what you were expecting, it’s a bit different location wise I know but I thought it was a nice concept. 

(I also apologise in advance if it’s not brilliant - I’m a bit out of practice)

P.s, In case any of you wondered; Derwen is a house elf. (Also, Derwen is Welsh for Oak Tree)


’TF2 has been my one biggest passion in my life. My art has gotten better, I’ve met so many wonderful peple like Derwen, PatrickJR and Lintufriiki and my character development has gotten so much better. Thanks to my brother for introducing it <3’