Behind the scenes of The Next Doctor (Part Two)

Excerpts from David Bailey’s Interview with Dervla Kirwan - DWM #404

David Bailey:  You’re the latest in a string of stars to appear in the series…

Dervla Kirwan:  “Well, didn’t they just refer to it as like the old Morecambe & Wise Show, the way that everyone wants to be a part of it?  The fact is, judging from the episodes I’ve watched of the last few series, it’s just phenomenal what they can do.  And what’s exciting, I suppose, looking at it from David’s point of view, is that over a nine-month period of working, he gets to meet loads of new people every three weeks, and do the most extraordinary stories with real heart.[…]

David Bailey:  Are you envious of David’s position in that kind of show?

Dervla Kirwan:  Yeah - he really gets to flex his acting muscles a lot.  And you just don’t get it nowadays, you know.  So, yeah… [She bursts out laughing.]  I’m as jealous as hell!

Excerpts from David Bailey’s interview with David Morrissey - DWM #403

David M on Doctor Who:  "It’s been one of the great things about the reintroduction of the series, that the scripts have been about people who’ve endured trauma or who have things at stake.  And at the heart of that is David’s performance as the Doctor.  I think he’s somebody who brings great depth to the role, history to the role, he’s somebody who brings a great drama to it.  As well as all the comedic stuff that he’s able to do, and the lightness that he brings, there’s a real truthfulness to the role.”

“David and I got a car from the unit base to the set and it was like arriving with a member of Take That,” Morrissey laughs.  “They were all there, screaming his name.  And David was fantastic.  He was brilliant about how he just went over there and signed autographs and talked to people.  And that, of course, meant that when we were filming, the crowds were very respectful of the filming, because they knew they’d get their moment with David and their photograph taken.  He’s wonderful!”

“I think the great thing about David is not just the fact that his is a brilliant interpretation of the Doctor, that he’s a great actor doing a great role,” he explains, “but I think it’s the way he takes on the role above and beyond character.  He really lives it and respects it, and he respects the fact that people are going to fall in love with that role and need something from it - he takes that seriously as well.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for him, as far as meeting fans went, and I was very admiring of that.  I’m quite in awe of him, and how he takes on the role both as an actor and also as a person playing it, outside in the world”

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Hold on to your Pokeballs ‘cause Honest Trailers renamed all the originals. Bulbasaur is “The One No One Ever Picked.” Venusaur is “Plantasaurus Rex.” Charmander is “Oh God, My Tail is on Fire.” Charizard is “Smaug.” Squirtle is “Squirter.” Blastoise is “Water Bowser.” Caterpie is “Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Metapod is “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Harden.” Butterfree is “Lower Back Tattoo.” Kakuna is “Kakuna Matata.” Nidoran♀ is “Jailbait.” Nidorina is “Barely Legal.” Nidoqueen is “MILF.” Jigglypuff is “Lana Del Rey.” Weepinbell is “Nature’s Fleshlight.” Victreebel is “Venus Dick-Trap.” Tentacool is “Japanese Lunch.” Tentacruel is “Japanese Porn Star.” Ponyta is “My Little Ponyta.” Rapidash is “This Horse is on Fire.” Shellder is “Sheldon Cooper.” Cloyster is “Haunted Vagina.” Drowzee is “Nyquil.” Hypno is “Date Rapist.” Chansey is “Teen Mom.” Jynx is “Nicki Minaj.” Ditto is “Whatever You Want Me to Be.” Zapdos is “Shoes in Spanish.” And Dragonite is “Chawizawd.”

Art Noveau, by Dervla Hillan.

Which nicknames are your favorite, or the funniest?


Three of my favourite characters.

Round up Zoe, Ben Harding and Duffy and I have *most* of what I need for a perfect Casualty. Together with tapeworms, botulism, and wit.

Notice: Beck and Mead need chalk marks. Dervla has none.
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