omg tho, that episode and that patient were so important, like all the conflict between dylan and lofty was because dylan thought that lofty didn’t understand the patients wishes, the patient who conveniently had so many parallels with dylan, the love of animals, her dog in particular, the indifference to people, and the stubborn independence at the cost of her health. dylan spends most of the episode angry at lofty because he thinks that there’s no way lofty could understand someone like her, or him. but then, lofty, precious lofty, omg, does the sweetest thing, he brings her what she needs and shows he understood the whole time. he shows dylan that he understands him, and that he would break rules and go to great lengths to make him feel better. 

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i’m going next monday, but omg i feel you. i wish i had enough creativity to dress up & make a proper costume or even a poster. but also i’m going alone n think i’ll look lame all dressed up by myself lmao. hope you meet her though!!

well i’m sure you’ll look great whatever…..and yeah i hate people looking at me so if i was wearing something rlly outrageous i’d cry. i hope YOU meet her, you never know!! xo