First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re turning 17 tomorrow, and I know you’re more pissed than happy that another year has gone by and you’re only a year now from finishing Secondary School, but hey, then you’re free, and there has to be some relief in that!

Birthdays are the days when people stand up and they take notice of you. The days when people actually appreciate you. So…today I want to say thanks. Thanks for everything.

For listening to me ramble on, for rambling to me, and most of all for being like the big sis I never had but always wanted. Because, in all fairness, I am an awkward, easily embarrassed child and the other day we were talking about first discos and periods and its really nice for me to have someone to talk to about that, because I have no one else to talk to about that kind stufff because my mom is like more awkward on those subjects than me if that’s possible. You’re always giving me advice on stuff you’ve been through and it really helps so just thanks. It means a lot to me. And also just to have someone to listen. So thank you.

I think you mean a lot more to people on tumblr than you could imagine, including me. And we don’t just follow you because you’re a photoshop pro. We follow you because you’re a really nice, thoughtful, kind I am not going to call you pretty because I haven’t seen a pic of you and I hate when people call other people pretty onlie when they don’t even know what they look like girl, and that’s really all that matters…okay maybe that’s not entirely true because I did just start following you because your blog was pretty but…whatever. I stayed following you because you’re a nice person.

I feel like I haven’t said half the things I wanted to say, and the things I did say came out all wrong…but anyways. Hopefully you’ll see that by spending hours slaving at PS and another while staring at my keyboard wondering what to write, you’ll see that I was thinking of you and that I made an effort. And its the thought that counts, right?

So here I am rambling again, and you’re reading it. Thanks Dervla.

And just because I quite like quotes and I know you do too, here’s a quote for ya ;)

    “The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing.”

So open your eyes Dervla, and have the best 17th birthday ever <3