Harry Potter GIF Challenge

Use every 3rd gift in your GIF folder.

When you discover you’re a wizard/witch:


When you get the letter from Hogwarts:

Bahaha! YES.

Saying goodbye to your Family and Friends:


First thing you do on the train:

Okay nvm I miss my friends.

Seeing Harry Potter for the first time:

Well duh. ;)

When Harry invites you to join him, Hermione, and Ron:

When you enter the Great Hall:

Well, he has to come to dinner, right?

When your name is called to choose your House:

Your reaction to your greetings:

What you do for most of your time:

Sounds about right.

When you have your first adventure:

What you do when you hear about the Basilisk:

When you see Hermione in the Hospital Wing:

That’s a bit…evil.

Your reaction when someone asks you to the Yule Ball:

When you fight against the Death Eaters:

Your reaction to Voldemort:

When you see Sirius die:

How you fight against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts:

Maybe if I ignore them they’ll just go away.

Your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:

We’re all fucked.

Your reaction to Voldemort’s death:

What you do for the rest of your life:

Forever lusting after Harry? Yeah.