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Hiii I was wondering if you've come across any drarry fics were draco finds out about Harry's past child abuse from the Dersleys, I don't really care how he finds out.

Hello! Thank you for asking! Sorry for making you wait for so long. Here are some fics for you.


A dream is a wish your heart makes by superwholocked_wizard [1k]

Summary: Harry has nightmares. This should be expected by now considering all that he’s been through, yet he still won’t talk about them to Draco, yet this time when he wakes up, he feels like talking, and Draco learns things he wish had never happened.


The Cupboard by GreenEyesGreySkies [4k]

Summary: When the Slytherins decide to pull a seemingly harmless prank on Draco’s new boyfriend and longtime rival, Harry Potter, things don’t necessarily go as planned - and Draco finds himself having to save the day. 


Darker Than You Think by Lomonaaeren [7k]

Summary: Draco and Harry have been together for some time before Draco learns about the abuse Harry suffered at the hands of the Dursleys. Harry expected him to explode. But what he wants is to explode with Harry’s permission—and he’s perfectly willing to seduce that permission out of Harry if he doesn’t get it any other way.


To Heal What’s Broken by Icywingsoffire [20k]

Summary: Harry’s abuse has left him torn, but when Draco comes in, he helps the Pain. What will become of this?


A Piercing Comfort by talithan [44k]

Summary:  When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to.


Draco’s Boy by empathic siren [186k]

Summary: A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he’s determined to make Harry more than a friend.


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“They stuff people’s head down the toilet the first day at Stonewall,” he told Harry. “Want to come upstairs and practice?”
“No thanks,” said Harry. “The poor toilet’’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick.” Then he ran, before Dudley could work out what he’d said.
—  Dudley Dursley- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone