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Update 7: 500% funded!! 100k stretch goal unlocked · The Meek Volume 1
Well, we did it, we reached the goal of 100k, which is honestly about 80k more than I thought we would get to, haha. This unlocks THREE BOOKMARKS featuring new art by myself, which will be added to every physical order (yes, even you, postcard-tier guys)! You can use them to keep three separate places in the book now, since none of those guys from the first three chapters have met yet anyway, haha XD But really guys... I started working on this comic when I was a 13 years old; the art above is one of my earlier attempts at drawing Angora. At the time, Angora was everything I wanted to be, which was a girl who could be girly, but was also really strong, but likeable despite that, and confident in herself, but also weak sometimes like me. Over time she has changed a lot (she lost that purse I guess), but the basic thoughts are still there.I NEVER thought anybody would care about my weird stories as much as I did... that was almost 20 years ago and now there are a lot of people who care, and those people are you guys. Thank you all so much for traveling on this journey with me.-----And hey since we're here, a bit of a preview of some of the art prints >:] My eyeballs almost goddamn fell out of my head with these. AND THERE ARE MORE COMING!!! I have one last artist feature to get out to you tomorrow in case you weren't already excited enough.

I drew a thing for the Meek Volume 1 Kickstarter! Dershing Helmer totally twisted my arm and *forced* me to draw her monsters ( sarcasm: i like to draw monsters) .I’m very happy to be a small part of this fundraiser! Pledge and get a print of it- and get COMICS!