There is a strange brutal beauty in desolate places. Where the sun seems relentless, harsh and often, left out in it too long, cruel. Your lips crave water, like the kiss of a long lost lover. The sunburnt browns leave your eyes squinting for some glimmer of life. Time seems to stand at a loss. Things left to the desert, merely collect dust. Immortalize a time once felt, memories once lived. A life spread out, a time line of existence. No mold to eat away, no growth to pull it down, just sand. A slow death of what once was.

Sleepyeyes may 2013


these are some of the pictures from my most recent trip to Borrego California, i am finally editing and sending out all of my pictures from my finals and now have a not broken computer, so i will post my final images up soon, but right now i have the desert image i shot earlier this summer.

some of these are also shot not just digital but also with a basic film camera and also my first time using a hasselblad 5x5. i really liked using it and going back to film more because it really forces you to hone in on your skills you over look with the instant gratification of digital. it was an amazing trip and i am still going through all of the pictures so there will be more to come. =]