derse shirt

Some ideas for using What Pumpkin products for magic

The most obvious would be obtaining the Homestuck tarot cards and using them, but here are some other ideas:

God tier hoodies/shirts, character hoodies/shirts, Prospit and Derse hoodies/shirts, cosplay pieces: Ceremonial garb

Signless or Sburb Portal necklaces: Cerimonial jewelry

Scalemates and consort plushies: Sacrifices and alter decorations

Backpacks/lunchboxes: Storage for portable alters and other magical items

Homestuck Books: Holy books

Posters and Art: Decorations for alter rooms and holy spaces

Vinyl Figures: Perfect shrine or alter decorations

Keychains: Easy, portable ways to carry a magic charm around!

Music: Background sound for rituals and spells, or meditation. The lyrics for some of them may be useful for spells as well.

  • me, living every day with the magnanimous burden of still loving homestuck in the holy year of 2015: i sure do hope no one....mentions my filthy passion in a positive way or anything
  • gods angel sent down to guide and love me unconditionally: is that a derse shirt? im a derse dreamer too ha
  • me: oh MY