derse roxy

i find it really funny how the concept of “ship names” has evolved wrt homestuck

like you’ve got your cute blends, like “rosemary” and “roxygen”

then you’ve got your plain but functional name fusions, a la “davekat,” “vrisrezi,” “roxcallie,” pretty much any ship involving a troll

and then you can see at one point the fans said “fuck it we’re just shoving these names together into one word and that’ll be the ship name who cares you can’t stop us”

and that’s how you get “davejohn,” “dirkjake,” “dirkjohn,” “jaderose,” “janeroxy,” etc 

the pitfall of having one-syllable names for all your got damn protagonists


Derse: Rise up.

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” 
― John MiltonParadise Lost

DIRK: codedredalert DAVE: insipidsentimentalist
ROXY: goodbye-friendsiamgone ROSE: spritesplode
JANE: yumeroku JOHN: grimduck
JAKE: organized-pandemonium JADE: little-shuffles

PHOTOG: tadashioniisan