derse roxy


I could post pictures of new cosplay, but why do that when I can post new pictures of old cosplay!
So here’s more pictures of my dreamer roxy! This time in an even better setting than a library, a hotel attached to gen con! You may have seen me, and if so, hello!

I didn’t have my usual bracelets on in these photos cause it was 1 in the morning and I was a very tired bean.

Photography: my mum again!
Cosplayer: me! @participlepotato
(And the wonderful little Mutie given to me by @firegodjr)
You guys, these chairs were even fancier than last photoshoot’s chairs!

Another note, soon there will be more fancy dreamers joining me at conventions! (I’m calling them the dreamer teamers haha)
I can’t post the designs right now, cause some want to keep it a surprise, but if all goes well there will soon be an Aradia, Kanaya, Rose, Jane, and Dave!

Have a great day everyone!

Instagram: momma_molotov

Star of the Creators

Made this sort of, I guess pantheon crest/symbol for the Creators of Earth C, orginally posted on the Hiveswap Discord, but also on the Strilonde Discord, since it technically features them. It isn’t supposed to be symmetrical or perfect but it was fun to do. I based the design off of this:


Dreamer Roxy Cosplay:
Photographer: it’s my mum (thanks mum)
Cosplayer: me (@participlepotato)

Mutie Credit: @firegodjr (thanks for the cat)

Another day of #potato does cosplay, this time at the local library!
Seriously, the best lighting and fancy chairs.
Well, maybe not the fanciest chairs. Hotels have them beat.
Made a little photoshoot of it though!
Messed around with some filters to try and get my lenses to show up, but most they look a bit muddy.
This cosplay will be going to Gen Con on Saturday as well! Hope to see you there!

Instagram in case you care: momma_molotov

(Wow thanks tumbl for that a+ crop)

i find it really funny how the concept of “ship names” has evolved wrt homestuck

like you’ve got your cute blends, like “rosemary” and “roxygen”

then you’ve got your plain but functional name fusions, a la “davekat,” “vrisrezi,” “roxcallie,” pretty much any ship involving a troll

and then you can see at one point the fans said “fuck it we’re just shoving these names together into one word and that’ll be the ship name who cares you can’t stop us”

and that’s how you get “davejohn,” “dirkjake,” “dirkjohn,” “jaderose,” “janeroxy,” etc 

the pitfall of having one-syllable names for all your got damn protagonists