derse baby

dave and rose start a band together, featuring such hit singles as

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • We’re In Love and We Really Shouldn’t Be
  • New York Yodel [this one’s two minutes of dave and rose attempting to yodel and two minutes of them having a conversation with an angry neighbour before making a shoutout to the gorillaz]
  • In Another Timeline We’re Both Part Cat and We’re Still Dating
  • Suicide Mission [dave wrote this one by himself and the first line is ‘First of all, Rose, what the fuck]
  • Ode to the Kringlefucker [three minutes of incoherent yelling and attempts at playing various christmas carols on a keyboard from memory]
  • Kissing Boys is Illegal and We’re Both Going to Prison
  • I’ll Spend My Life With You (I’ll Spend My Death With You)
  • First Person Fanfiction
  • Sigmund Freud Is Alive (And He Sucked My Sister’s Dick)
  • We Die Together Or Not At All
  • Gay Singularity
  • Fuck the Rules and Fuck the Rain
  • Zeus Would Probably Be Fine With This

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

meow caw motherfuckers.
have some mischievous tentacat rose and bitter dave! being cool ectotwin sprite of doom :D

(psst, davesprite here looks younger than rose since he was protoyped at age 13 and rose 16)

remember the time when doomed dave told doomed rose to sleep, hoping her dreamself survived when he got back to help alpha dave? well, when I first saw jasper prototyped GO rose i kinda hoped this rose somehow can cheer davesprite, and.. i dont know, become understanding older ectotwin sis? (you know, hoping that roses dreamself remember what davesprite did and all– she even wore derse pj!)

the poor baby could use more ‘uneeded’ copies to be his friend.

also jasperosesprite^2 reminds me of heinoustuck.