i like dave learning to assert himself and call out dirk if he ever does anything manipulative or gets caught up in himself, but also making peace with him and separating him from bro. and dirk respecting dave and them learning from each other and just becoming better more mature people with each others help.

but i also like the idea of, once the weird novelty of being near each other wears off, them having a proper, silly, sibling relationship. bcaus they are still kids. and dirk is still nerdy and awkward, and dave is still goofy and attention seeking.  id like to see how they settle once theyre comfortable in each others company. i wonder if dave would act like the same annoying needy brother he does with rose, and how dirk would cope with that. who would tease who more. whether dirk would try and herd dave to be more sensible. or whether dave would go over to dirk when hes trying to read or program or something and just go and lie on his desk and whine, rip dirk’s concentration

He was tall. Tall and absurdly thin. And good natured. A bit like a preying mantis that doesn’t prey – A non-preying mantis if you like. A sort of genial mantis that’s given up preying and taken up tennis instead.
—  Douglas Adams

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You should draw The Gays

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i second the gays

OK so I’m in this group chat full of about 20 other college students who frequent the LGBT room on campus (it’s got books and free coffee and straight ppl are too afraid to enter) so anyway I compiled some drawings full of Real (out of context) Quotes from this beautiful chat, featuring the Homestuck Gays and some Bis.