O Senhor guardará você, ele está sempre ao seu lado para protegê-lo. O sol não lhe fará mal de dia, nem a lua de noite. O Senhor guardá a sua vida. Ele o guardará quando você for e quando você volta, agora e sempre.

Salmos 121: 5 a 8.

(170219) @harus2haru: sumcafe osaka もーーーーーう最高な空間やった… 好きな人たちの音楽や写真に囲まれて ご飯を食べるこの空間、、最高かよ、、! ただ本場のsumcafeにもう一回行きたくなった(笑) 春夏あたりにいこーね栗ちゃん #sumcafe #sumcafe_osaka #sumcafe大阪 #smentertainment #shinee

s-e-kwan  asked:

The Mukami's reaction when they see a male classmate asking Yui out to the movies? This makes Yui surprised, then perplexed and then thoughtful. And she has an expression which says "He's so kind to invite me out to the movies and I really want to go, but those guys (Mukami's) will definitely not allow me. Wait, it actually doesn't matter, they only see me as food. So they wouldn't care who I hang out with like Kou does with his fans". Do you think you can do internal monologues?

Ruki: That face… It seems like she does know her place, but it would be better if she were to say no. Such a troublesome Livestock, must I train her again?

Kou: Eh… M Neko-chan looks like she might agree to this? That’s not fair! I’m the idol, and the only one that is suppose to ask her out though…! Argh…!

Yuma: Why the fuck is she looking at him like that? Is Sow actually gonna say yes or some shit? Like hell that will happen… Tch, what does that guy have?

Azusa: She… Eve-san is… She isn’t going to say… yes, is she…? I would take her out… if she wants… but why isn’t she answering… him yet…?