History professor: okay now please open your books to the chapter on the Pre-Columbian era. Im sure you’ll notice-

Me: aRE YOU KIDDING ME??? why the HECK are we studying that piece of ACTUAL TRASH?? why is there an ENTIRE CHAPTER devoted to him he did NOTHING except be incredibly rUDE, tell people his last name literally every THREE seconds, and copy DERRICKS gameplay. I canNOT stay here as long as that scum is in the curriculum I’ve gotta go

Everyone else:

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Jozea and Bronte were unrightfully evicted by Ratcole and Great Value Cody pre-jury and didn’t get a chance to really play the game!!!

Bridgette aligned with Fr*nk because he was the only one who accepted her and was and is continuing to be isolated and bullied by other houseguests even though she is loyal and a comp beast and never really needed Fr*nk!!!

not to mention many of the houseguests’ behavior is really gross, especially how the guys treat the girls and even how the girls treat the other girls. they’re all problematic as fuck and it’s really inexcusable

and TODAY Victor threw the POV comp to Plagiarism Calamari who is on the block?! and now most likely Day or Nat will be put up in his place!!! and these houseguests aren’t viewing Paulie as a threat and he will most likely slide his way to the end like Derrick did?!?!?!? while my queens Day and Nat are being unrightfully targeted while the real targets are the mayo quartet?! are you fuckin kidding me?!?!!?

bb18: cancelled

can you believe vanessa rousso left such an impact on the big brother franchise. a successful out wlw is literally one of the best players of all time. it’s not even us being delusional and thinking she’s great, she actually is. she’s so fucking good at the game that derrick, who is also known as one of the best players ever, is so intimidated by her that he tried to sabotage her and she wasn’t even in the house. she was strategic. she was good at comps. she’s good at all aspects of the game. i am so happy the best player is no longer a straight white male.

why was this sitting in my drafts

eternal-dannation’s scale of incest

phil of the future (no incest)

back to the future (it could have happened)

life with derrick (it’s not technically incest since we’re not related)

star wars (does it count if we didn’t know?)

folgers (it definitely happened even if it wasn’t shown)

lannisters (it’s happening right now, in front of you. multiple times.)

SPAIN, Tenerife : Greenpeace volunteers stand near structures representing oil derricks on Playa de Las Teresitas north of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in on June 28, 2014 during a mock simulation of an oil spill by environment NGO Greenpeace members protesting exploration plans for oil and gas off the coast of the Canary and Baleares Islands. The Spanish government last month gave oil giant Repsol the green light to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the Canary Islands, a move that environmental groups described as “unjustifiable”.