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We did it big last night!! Don Luong took home the BEST SHOP Video Award at the International Skate Film Festival for his directoral debut of TA-HA. Furnace is greatly appreciated for this award, and for the time and effort Don and everyone involved with the video have put forth, thanks Fam!

You could still pick up a copy of Ta-ha at Furnace or at


Manny Slays All has a few clips and a Q&A with Derrick Wilson.

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Christopher Soares sits down with Derrick Wilson to talk about how Ta-Ha has changed his life, and the process he had to take to nollie heel Hollywood 16.


DGK x ZERO Fresh ‘till Death tour video part 1. Pick up the latest Thrasher for a full article on the Tour and stay tuned for part 2 of the Fresh 'till Death tour.


My Glimpse at the playground DGKALLDAY


Derrick Wilson in ta ha