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Danielle Lickey

Age: 23
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Current city: Visalia, CA
Occupation: Pre-school teacher

Three adjectives that describe you: Competitive, sarcastic, and a leader.

Favorite activities: Playing flag-football, cooking, and photography.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house?
Being away from my son. I’ve never been away from him for more than five days. He’s my best friend, my right-hand man, and my motivation.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
I plan on being a good player in competitions and making myself someone worth aligning with. I plan on finding one or two people I am 100-percent loyal to. I hope to have a good social game and not be afraid to make BIG moves.

Which Big Brother Houseguests do you like the most and least?
I’d liked Derrick Levasseur’s gameplay from Season 16. He played a smart, loyal game and was always three steps ahead.

I liked Zakiyah Everette from Season 18 the least. She should have used the position more with the guys and played them to get ahead.

What would you take into the house, and why?
Picture of my son because I’ll miss him, camera because I would want memories to bring home with me, and someone to thread my eyebrows.

Fun facts about yourself:
1.  I am very obsessed with Harry Potter.
2.  I have seen EVERY episode of Friends, like, 20 times.
3.  I play flag football.
4.  I go to Disneyland at least once a month.
5.  I am the definition of expect the unexpected!

Danielle Lickey

Danielle Lickey (23)
Current City: Visalia, Calif.
Occupation: Pre-School Teacher

Are you a fan of Big Brother?

I am a fan of Big Brother! I am! I wouldn’t consider myself a super fan because I don’t remember all of those little details that make a super fan a super fan, but I have been watching the show since season five. I love the show.

Did you audition for the show?

I auditioned! I’ve auditioned for three years in a row.

Congrats on finally making it!

I’ve been pretty determined to be on the show!

Over the years who would you say is your favorite winner?

I don’t have one favorite winner. I love Dr. Will [Kirby], Derrick [Levasseur] and Rachel [Reilly]. All for different reasons! I don’t really have a least favorite winner. If you make it that far than obviously you had a really good game and I respect it! As a fan of the game itself I think if you win, you’re where I want to be and you did something right!

Who are your favorites from season 17 and 18?

I loved James [Huling] and Natalie [Negrotti]! And I liked Victor [Arroyo]. My least favorite would probably be Zakiyah [Everette], Paulie [Calafiore] and Bronte [D'Acquisto]. I probably would have had a really big headache in the house with them! (Laughs)! In season 17 my least favorite was the wrestler with the beard. I liked the twins in a sense that I thought it was cool that they were able to get far. I liked Johnny Mac a lot. I didn’t like Da'Vonne [Rogers] on that season. I was sad she got sent home so soon.

Are you team Paulie or Da'Vonne?

I’m definitely team Da'Vonne! And being a mother you just never bring up someone’s child! I can understand where she is coming from and why she got so upset. And especially if you’re away from your child for that long. Any mention of them is going to set you off. And I don’t really like the way Paulie played. Zakiyah really made herself look stupid on TV! And I feel bad because I’m like, “Come on girl! He’s not even that cute! (Laughs)!

Do you have a daughter or a son?

I have a three year old son who is my whole world. I’m a single mom. If I were to win $250,000 I would buy us a tiny house! I really, really want a tiny house! I’d probably take a year off of work and drive it across the country. He has family in Georgia so we would drive across the country in our little tiny house!

Are you looking for a showmance?

Yeah. It helps the time pass when you have someone to connect with in the house, but to an extent. I want a Jeff [Schroeder] and Jordan [Lloyd] showmance. Or like one of Nicole [Franzel’s] showmances where it’s very PG and it’s not super dramatic. If it came down to it though I would rather play the person than have them play me.

Are you going to align with the girls or the guys?

I want to say girls because I want to see the girls go far, but at the same time I know how I am! I’m a guy’s girl. My whole life I’ve had more guy friends than girl friends. I’ll go in hoping that I find some girls I get along with, but I’ll probably get along more with the guys than anything.



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