derrick lavesseur


Character Archetypes:

Leader: Always knows the best thing to do—and people follow. 

Dreamer: Longs to be something he isn’t.

Waif: Appears innocent and weak and often relies on the pity of others.

Masquerader: Pretends to be something he is not.

Coward: Afraid of everything, controlled by fear.

Revolutionary: Stands opposed to the status quo and fights for her cause.

Sycophant: Self-seeking, flatterer, who works to please those in power.

Extraordinary man: The guy who can do anything.

Things HGs have actually done to Zach:

  • Framed him for the Team America stealing things mission (and used him for every other one)
  • His own alliance members have wanted him out since he pretty much started it
  • Made up lies about his character (such as he hits women, i.e.)
  • Made fun of his weight
  • Physically threatened him (Christine/Vic saying they want to chop his balls off, i.e.)
  • Used mental illnesses to make fun of him
  • Arianna Grande’s brother blatantly told him he as going up, then gave him false hope (Also got away with breaking the rules like what the hell cbs)
  • Cody/Christine lied about what was said over the fence to them (Thank you Derr I <3 you for telling the truth)
  • The hat thing with Victoria
  • Talked a bunch of shit about him 24/7
  • Blamed him for everything (Cody blamed him for his zing? Like wtf how could he have anything to do with it you fucking idiot?)
  • Pretty much isolated him at this point

Things Zach has actually done to HGs:

  • Called Nicole a Froot Loop dingus
  • Called Christine a floater
  • Stole a cueball
  • …?

And who gets painted as the heroes by CBS, and who is the villain?

Fuck these HGs (other than Zach/Donny precious angels), fuck bb16, and fuck CBS

Derrick Lavesseur made it all the way through to the final 3 of BB16 without being nominated. Everyone makes mention of it, and he gets praised for it.

Jillian MacLaughlin made it all the way through to the final 3 of BBCAN1 without being nominated. No one makes mention of it, and yet the second someone does, she gets the “No, she doesn’t count as the winner, she shouldn’t have won, Gary was the real winner” shade.

I dare you to tell me this is not a double standard based on gender! The second someone makes mention of Dan Gheesling, Will Kirby, Evel Dick Donato, James Rhine, Emmett Blois or any other male BB player’s name, everyone is gung ho for the way they played the game. But as soon as the names Daniele Donato, Danielle Reyes, Alison Irwin, Jun Song, Neda Kalantar, Rachel Reilly or any other female BB player’s name is mentioned, they either (a) don’t get the credit they deserve, (b) were really annoying, or © called a bitch for how they were in the house.

Let’s make mention of something. The HGs in BB16 (namely Frankie, Caleb and Donny) mentioned on a few occasions that Derrick has never been nominated yet. But the HGs in BBCAN1 overlooked that fact with Jillian. Hmmm. Even after the BBCAN1 finale, Dan Gheesling praised Jillian’s game and has said that no one has ever mentioned Jillian never being nominated. Derrick’s 5-and-a-half-man alliance “The Detonators” basically steamrolled through the season due to the other members in the forefront of the alliance targeting everyone that’s not with them and to be inevitably targeted (by eachother) much sooner than Derrick. Derrick basically went the entire game of 90 days in the house with little to no blood on his hands because of 6 people (7 including Victoria) blindingly putting their eggs in his basket. Jillian, on the other hand, had a showmance with Emmett and they both played together, had loyalty to one another and relied on eachother (and no one else). With Jillian being HOH 4 times, she got more blood on her hands than anyone in her season because she did exactly what the so-called “great players of Big Brother” did: lie, backstab, break her word, etc. Hello somebody, it’s Big Brother! So because Jillian did all that, plus win competitions and get to the end after being in the house 71 days, she gets shunned? Let’s not forget how she had to face & drag the bitter jury at the finale (specifically Peter).

I’m not trying to cause a rift of drama here. I’m just stating fact. Everyone needs to see the game of Big Brother as a GAME on a level playing field
(for both men & women playing the game) and have an unbiased outlook, and it should not be seen as a personality contest, as a show about who everyone’s favourite is or let it be another sad example of misogyny. Let there be credit where credit is surely due. Anyone who feels differently can stay forever pressed!

P.S. Derrick & Jillian aren’t the only ones to survive evictions… :)