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Reckless Part 2

SUMMARY: Years after a close call on a mission, emotions ran high, a reckless action, a reckless statement, made you leave behind the person you cared about most, who hurt you the most, Bucky Barnes. Can you and Bucky repair the damage and rekindle the spark that was once there? Or will it prove to be even more reckless than before? 

Word Count: 1426

Character(s): Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury

Warning: Very Very slight angst.

A/N: Part Two of ‘Reckless’ I really really hope you enjoy this chapter. This is only the beginning so hang in there! I welcome feedback and suggestions, I truly appreciate the support. So, buckle your seat-belts and enjoy the ride, this is only the beginning…

Part 1

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There’s a overcast today, it looks like it’s a bit brisk outside today. The one day I actually can sleep in I wake up a lot earlier thanks to my internal alarm clock. No use in trying to go back to sleep. I stare out the window, watching the birds soar through the dark clouds. 

*beep beep beep beep* 

I reach for my phone on the nightstand, glancing at the name ‘Derrick’.

So much for an off day Derrick…

Zero, meet me in 15.”

Of course, because I never really want an off day anyway.” I reply.

Derrick chuckles “Mouthing off again you smart a-” 

I’ll be there.” I hang up the phone. I sit up on my bed, run my hands through my hair, ‘This can’t be good..’ I mutter to myself. I shower, put on my white v-neck T-shirt and black jeans, boots. I stand in-front of the mirror, ‘My how you’ve changed Y/N.’ I whisper taking in my new appearance. Glancing down at the matte lipstick on the table I apply the bright red, considering it is an off day being interrupted, a little pop of color doesn’t hurt.

Stepping off the elevator I slowly make my way to the Derrick’s office. He has the windows fogged, privacy, this is serious. I open the door, turning around to close it behind me.

“Right on queue, Zero. Have a seat.” Derrick states.

I’ve walked this hallway a billion times, it’s a nice distance from the elevator. But it feels like it’s 20 miles long this time. The floor looks like it’s twisting and turning, I feel sick to my stomach. I stop and lean against the wall, closing my eyes hoping I’ll wake up and I just dreamt everything that Derrick said. Maybe I just didn’t hear him properly.

A Hydra factory has been found, we’ve been trying to track this down for years. An undercover operative located it a few weeks ago. They were sending us as much Intel as possible, but we lost track of them, radio silence. We fear the worst has happened but it wasn’t in vain. Fury has assigned this mission to the Avengers, but they need all hands on deck. Unfortunately, he only wants someone they can work well with.” Derrick glances at me 

I have been instructed by Director Fury to contact the Avengers and inform them that you and I will be joining them.” Derrick pauses and looks directly at me. “I know you had a past with them Zero, I hope you can put aside your difference for this mission. We need our best sharp-shooter out there. Fury and I think it would be best if you pair wi-”

“They have Clint Barton, you don’t need another Marksman on the field.”

Derrick shakes his head “Zero, you are the best sharp-shooter, zero misses? You’re not called Zero for nothing. You and Clint watching our backs from above, we-” 

I cross my arms ,“He can handle everything just fine. You don’t need another sniper.”


 “I also no longer go into the field doing hand-to-hand combat.”


 “Therefore you won’t need me. So I’m going to excuse myself.” I stand up heading for the door.

Derrick slams his hands on the table, “Y/N!!!!! You are going, that is a direct order from Fury himself. He knew you’d decline this mission, therefore I have it here written that you will go or you will be reprimanded.”

I clench my jaw, digging my fingers into my chair.

“Zero, I’m sorry, but duty calls and we have to stop Hydra before anyone else gets hurt. They are planning something big and we have to stop them while we can.” Derrick sighs, he walks around his desk he pulls me into a hug. “I know you this won’t be easy for you, but you are needed and you are the best, Fury wouldn’t have requested you if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Heck, he was the one to sign your transfer papers. You’ve helped several squadrons in the past four years Y/N. Your old family needs you.” 

“This is bull crap Rick and you know it. Fury is just using this as an excuse to get back in that Tower.” I snap.

He pulls back, bending down looking me straight in the eyes. “I’ll be with you every step of the way, you don’t have to go back on the field. Stay in the shadows and cover us. I won’t force you on the ground, but you’re strong and you can do this, it will be a quick mission in and out.”

“Fury has already notified the team that he is bringing in me and one more operative, he hasn’t told them its you yet.”

“Fine.” I snatch away, opening and shutting the door behind me.

I think my stomach has settled, the room has finally stopped spinning. After four blasted years I was starting to feel at ease with my current life. The dreams didn’t occur as frequently. Why now? Why?

I make it back to my room and start to pack for the mission. Derrick notified me that we take off in 30 minutes. I try to make a mental list of what I’ll need for my stay, but my mind is in an utter fog right now. I change into my tactical catsuit and boots. 

After leaving my room I head towards the armory and grab my weapons and head for the hanger area.

Derrick and I board the jet transporting to the tower.

The travel time from the Helicarrier to the Avengers tower is only a half hour. That only gives me a little bit of time to try and get myself in order.

My phone vibrates in bag, I unzip it and check the message. I take a deep breath after glancing at the name ‘N’. Of course she would be the first to check.

N: “Are you coming back?” 

I stare at my phone, contemplating if I should reply to the message. Turning the phone over and over between my hands I shut the screen off placing it into my bag. Before I zip it shut my phone vibrates again.

N: “We wouldn’t request additional back up if we didn’t need it.” The text pop-ups up quickly.

Y/N: “It wouldn’t make a difference if I did or didn’t come.”

N“You know that wasn’t and still isn’t true Y/N..”

‘If only that were true Nat..’ I mumble to myself.

                                                       Bucky’s POV

Fury called everyone directly to the boardroom after our away mission for an urgent meeting. We’ve all been trying to prep for the arrival of the two agents. Steve keeps trying to convince me that working with people we don’t know will pan out well. 

No one has been very vocal about these two new additions, that’s a sign that not everyone is on board with it. 

We take our seats waiting for Fury, something about this meeting, it’s making me feel anxious.

“You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind Barnes.” Natasha mutters

“I don’t think it’s a hidden secret that I’m uneasy about the two new operatives.”

“Mmm.” She stares at me

“What?” I asked perplexed.

Fury walks into the room “Team, as you know I have requested two more operatives to assist on the upcoming Hydra mission. I’d like to introduce to you Derrick Dugan. He is the leader of the Elite Shadow Squadron. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward working with you all. I know this will not be an easy task, but I hope we can all make this transition go smooth. I’ve brought with me my second in command, Zero.

“Zero? As in he has zero tolerance for bad behavior? Or going to give out Zeros on all of our report cards?” Tony blurts out walking around the table

“No Mr. Stark, she never misses a target, and we have had zero incidents thanks to her outstanding marksmanship. Zero, is the codename we call her on the squadron, a title she’s earned.” Derrick steps to the side extending his arm, directing our attention to the door.

Fury walks over to the door greeting the figure in heeled black tactical boots with a fitted body suit to match. I can catch a glimpse of her short y/h/c hair, then she turns facing forward. A face that I could never forget in a million years, even if I tried.

“You all know her as…”

My breath hitched in my throat, I mutter “Y/N” 

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Part 3

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