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“Night’s King”

I spent a ridiculous amount of time catching up with Games of Thrones in the past month of so. Like, every episode from S1E1 all the way up to the end of the most recent season. 

There may have been some really unhealthy binging sessions involved…

It gets a bit rough, but I’m still excited as hell to see where things go season 7, assuming we all don’t die in a world war before HBO wraps things up.



April 29, 2017


By Birdcap and Derrick Dent

As part of the Memphis Heritage Trail, celebrating the contributions of African Americans who have played such a central role in shaping the cities businesses, culture, and music, the Memphis Urban Art Commission asked Birdcap, aka Michael Roy, and Derrick Dent, to paint this ambitious work. To minimize the cost of installation, all but the family at the bottom were pre-painted on panels of Polytab—a lightweight industrial canvas—then applied to the wall with the help of additional assistants. Asked by ILoveMemphis blog if that would limit the life of the mural Birdcap responded that the materials including glue and sealant are all industrial strength and he expects the work to outlast many of his other murals around town. ILoveMemphis also provides detailed information on the nine separate components of this design at S. Main St. and MLK Jr. Drive.  @birdcap​  @dentslashink  @derrickdent​  @urbanart_memphis  @ilovememphisblog​  

I’ve been slowly working at bringing my traditional/digital processes to a nice point of cohesion. I colored this ink piece I posted the other day using some brushes that have been working very nicely with my painting sensibilities (big shout out to Kyle Webster for changing the digital mark making game!).

Pretty happy with the experimenting, and excited about going in some interesting new directions with my work.

Finished drawing this today, probably one of my favorite statues from the Met, mostly because its expression is so disarming. On a not-too-unrelated note, I’m totally open for commissions right now. I usually do ink and marker drawings on Stonehenge paper, like this guy, and work in fairly standard sizes (5″x7″, 8″x10″, 9″x12″, and sometimes 11″x14″). Holler at with any inquiries.

bendildo  asked:

Hi! I really like the drawings you do of different people on the subway and I'm interested in your process. I can see you use a variety of different drawing tools in the sketches and I'm wondering, since you'd have to be relatively quick capturing these people, how much of it is done immediately and what is added later? In other words do you do it all at once or are some parts (colors, mixed media) done as a second work-through.


It depends. On the subway ones, I tend to do a drawing first with whatever I reach first (generally a brush pen, but nowadays also the Parallel Pen), and then slap in the Stabilo/watercolor pencil/whatever at the next moment I get where I’m sitting (before I forget what I was looking at). I generally have anywhere between 1 min (if they move, or if too many people get on) to about 20 min (length of my commute). 

On location, it’s different obviously. It’s not uncommon for me to have like 3 pens in both hands, and one in my teeth.

I think it’s important to respond as immediately as possible from being on location. I’ll take pictures occasionally (not on the subway) if I take too long, but for me that kind of defeats the purpose. Every situation is different though.

Top pic is from my roommates all hanging out together (it’s great having creatives for roommates!) I usually get in from studio pretty late, and while I’m cooking dinner, I’ll draw a little bit on whatever sketch from the commute back.
Pictured is my roommate and fellow illustrator Derrick Dent, and behind the camera is Daniell Hudson. We are all trying to do our favorite thing for a living, and we’re friends from Memphis (represent). 

Bottom pic is via Carol Fabricatore and SVA MFA Illustration. On location on the Green Line over the Hudson Yards train depot. 

I hope this is interesting? And helpful?? I try to paint a complete picture on my experience as an illustrator so that it’s not a complete mystery. I think there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about illustration and illustrators in general. 

Basically what I’m saying is that I ball so hard

While eating fish and rice for dinner.