derrick dent

“Night’s King”

I spent a ridiculous amount of time catching up with Games of Thrones in the past month of so. Like, every episode from S1E1 all the way up to the end of the most recent season. 

There may have been some really unhealthy binging sessions involved…

It gets a bit rough, but I’m still excited as hell to see where things go season 7, assuming we all don’t die in a world war before HBO wraps things up.


Finally got to scan this piece I worked on a few days ago. I started rewatching The Big O recently- it’s been years since I caught the series on Toonami, and it’s funny what sticks with you (how funny “megadeus” sounds), what ages well (those robot designs/that art direction are still killer…PISTON FISTS? WTF THAT’S AWESOME), and what seems super-hokey (maybe that’s just the nature of dubs). 

At any rate, it’s definitely a good feeling to be able to squeeze in some personal drawings during the work week.

I’ve been slowly working at bringing my traditional/digital processes to a nice point of cohesion. I colored this ink piece I posted the other day using some brushes that have been working very nicely with my painting sensibilities (big shout out to Kyle Webster for changing the digital mark making game!).

Pretty happy with the experimenting, and excited about going in some interesting new directions with my work.

“What Happened, Miss Simone?”

I recently got a chance to watch the bio documentary on Netflix the other night (you should check it if you have the time), and it was an absolutely moving, and at times brutally candid, look at the career of Nina Simone.

The focus was primarily on her life in the context of her professional obligations, and her struggles with expressing herself authentically and finding a place for her talent in the thick of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. There was also a tragic component to her relationship with her work, as she often expressed being trapped by the very thing she devoted her life to. This often strained her relationships with those closest to her.

A whole lot to take in, but definitely a compelling look at one of all time faves.

Finished drawing this today, probably one of my favorite statues from the Met, mostly because its expression is so disarming. On a not-too-unrelated note, I’m totally open for commissions right now. I usually do ink and marker drawings on Stonehenge paper, like this guy, and work in fairly standard sizes (5″x7″, 8″x10″, 9″x12″, and sometimes 11″x14″). Holler at with any inquiries.