“and um, set fire to the boat which his dad was building, I was nine years old and it was the most frightening thing that ever happened. And I came home, he lived next door but one and I rushed home and said "AHHH Ross’ Dad is having a bonfire gonna go to bed now goodnight!” And went to bed and just prayed to die, it was absolutely terrifying. Ross’ Dad if you’re watching this, I’m really sorry. I’m smiling but I’m really sorry. Burnt your boat"


This is the reason why I love Derren Brown. Let me explain…

This woman had called an exorcist because she believed there were demons in her house. Derren, who we know is a strict non-believer, comforts her, telling her “I hope you find some peace" despite the fact that he probably thinks she’s being ridiculous. Just look at the way he touches her back. He’s the most caring, considerate person I think I’ve ever seen. Even though he disagrees with her beliefs, he’s still lovely to her. This is why I love him; he isn’t just an entertainer, he’s a compassionate, kind and generous man.