gift for @judgyknowitall she got sick and @gamerman02 have say everyone to make something for her so this is mine little idea

well i wound like to add the entire judgy familiy on it but i real have no idea on how to make the sprite for some of you >_< and also placement wound be a bit tricky so i just have put it as derpy is taking care of there mom

note: i have reuse the room from the ut sprite since i still feel like i am horible at making big nice backgrounds and i want this one to look good :/

also gamerman have say it whatever we do it wound be great if we end it whitin a day so there you go


All google plus users please help a user by the name of rainbow dash derpy hooves is going around stealing characters copying characters and tracing others art mostly mine. It is hurting me and many other people I’ve been trying to get her to stop for over 6 months I am at my breaking point I beg of you to get this out there.

@colanom @eyebrow-lorde @daddy-patryk @n00dl3-blossom

Eikaea's 1 Year Anniversary OC Art Giveaway! - CLOSED

[Hello companions! Nomember 23rd (tomorrow) marks the date of my creation! I’ve met so many wonderful travelers on my journey, and experienced a plethora of interactions among other wayfarers and mysterious greycloaks! I feel like I have grown so much since I met you all, and I must thank you for loyally watching over me for as long as you have!]

((Alrighty, folks, I’ve been talking about doing some sort of giveaway for hitting 300 followers- well- I haven’t hit 300 just yet but enhh it’s pretty close, PLUS It’s been a whole year since I’ve made this account, and wow that’s exciting! So finals are are coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m still going to be hella busy until they’re actually over, but there’s no reason I can’t put this up now~))

((So as my thank you for the occasion, I’m going to do a little art giveaway here! What does that mean exactly?

A few of my followers will be receiving some art of their character from me if they enter and win this little giveaway.

1st Prize: A colored picture of your character! May be fullbody, may be painterly, we’ll just have to see. ( x x x )

2nd Prize: A fullbody sketch or colored bust of your character! ( x x x )( x x )

Now how do you obtain these prizes? Simply like and/or reblog this post!

  • You must be following this blog! This is for my followers, after all. c:
  • 1 like counts
  • 1 reblog counts (multiple reblogs will not!)
  • Have your askbox open so I can tell you if you’ve won - If I can’t get in contact with you within 3 days of the End date, I will give it to someone else.
  • Your character does not have to be a journey OC! But please, have a reference of some sort. Both images and detailed descriptions work.
  • If you want to reblog this, but don’t want this big ol’ post being annoying on your followers’ dash, please feel free to reblog it as a link! |D

The end date (when I randomly pick the winners) is going to be December 7th, 10:00PM US Central time (may be extended, if necessary). If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask/fanmail. ))

For the final part of my pony style speed improvement study, I picked Derpy as a subject and followed the following steps, timing each of them:

- Drew the basic skeleton, a rough sketch meant to serve as a basic guide to the pose and body structure.

- Inked over that skeleton using my usual maximum effort/detail inking style.

- Inked over the skeleton, but this time using an inking technique that is looser and user thicker, bolder strokes, and omits a few flourishes and secondary anatomical details, such as the visible limb joints.

- To make sure that the speed improvement was not solely due to repetition of the same drawing, I then repeated the inking using the maximum detail inking.

- I picked the best of the two maximum detail drawings, and colored it with my current fast hard shading style, including ambient occlusion airbrushing for added depth.

I found that the loose, bold inking style really does help me improve my execution time, at what I hope is a low cost to impact of the piece to the viewer. The bolder strokes allow me to be less obsessive about the precision of each line, resulting in many less undo operations, and a look that is still faithful to my style, which I like to believe is pretty recognizable among the output of the legion of pony artists out there. I’m still not happy with the overall time, but this may be the way to achieve a consistent improvement while not sacrificing that which makes my work appealing to my regular watchers.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to do something similar with an anthro character or two

A second data point for my pony style speed improvement study. I went with a harder pose, and that is visible in the time spent with the skeleton/rough sketch, which I am not satisfied with at all. I did include more detail than in my previous study for it, because I felt that it was really important to convey with precision the positions of all body parts before committing to inking. That may be silly, but without those crutches, more often than not the result of the inking would look off and amateurish. I need to see what I’m doing when going for precision, and my mind visualization ability is, as it has always been, pretty crappy.