Eikaea's 1 Year Anniversary OC Art Giveaway! - CLOSED

[Hello companions! Nomember 23rd (tomorrow) marks the date of my creation! I’ve met so many wonderful travelers on my journey, and experienced a plethora of interactions among other wayfarers and mysterious greycloaks! I feel like I have grown so much since I met you all, and I must thank you for loyally watching over me for as long as you have!]

((Alrighty, folks, I’ve been talking about doing some sort of giveaway for hitting 300 followers- well- I haven’t hit 300 just yet but enhh it’s pretty close, PLUS It’s been a whole year since I’ve made this account, and wow that’s exciting! So finals are are coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m still going to be hella busy until they’re actually over, but there’s no reason I can’t put this up now~))

((So as my thank you for the occasion, I’m going to do a little art giveaway here! What does that mean exactly?

A few of my followers will be receiving some art of their character from me if they enter and win this little giveaway.

1st Prize: A colored picture of your character! May be fullbody, may be painterly, we’ll just have to see. ( x x x )

2nd Prize: A fullbody sketch or colored bust of your character! ( x x x )( x x )

Now how do you obtain these prizes? Simply like and/or reblog this post!

  • You must be following this blog! This is for my followers, after all. c:
  • 1 like counts
  • 1 reblog counts (multiple reblogs will not!)
  • Have your askbox open so I can tell you if you’ve won - If I can’t get in contact with you within 3 days of the End date, I will give it to someone else.
  • Your character does not have to be a journey OC! But please, have a reference of some sort. Both images and detailed descriptions work.
  • If you want to reblog this, but don’t want this big ol’ post being annoying on your followers’ dash, please feel free to reblog it as a link! |D

The end date (when I randomly pick the winners) is going to be December 7th, 10:00PM US Central time (may be extended, if necessary). If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask/fanmail. ))