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that 70's show~

series: haven’t seen it | i’ll write it down | i want to see it | okay | good | great | flawless | it’s one of my favourites

url: not my thing | okay | good | flawless | asdfghjkl
icon: not my thing | okay | good | flawless | asdfghjkl
theme: not my thing | okay | good | flawless | asdfghjkl
posts: not my thing | okay | good | flawless | asdfghjkl
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following: no, sorry | i am now | yes | forever 

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Gets on one knee and holds up the crown symbol

  • My favorite thing about your blog: i despise you i fav nothing about your blog (sterek sidebar is bootyful and theme is crazy nice) 
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: nickel fandom im the biggest fan tho sooooo (teen wolf) 
  • What I think of your URL: it’s so true god sometimes when im giffing i find the derpest photos of derek so i cant be scared of him i love it 
  • If I follow you and why: i followed you at first cause i met you on omegle and you made me swoon love at first type i stayed for the great posts and person running the blog 
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high school au’s are the bomb but boarding school ones own my heart like fuck. there aren’t enough. now i want derek hale in a school uniform, sleeves rolled up and menacing glares. orgy anyone? or you can work on one first before the other.

boarding school, man. i’m taking it you would prefer the sterek one first?

warning: thought vomit under the read more  

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