Scheduling a day with the children at the statue garden in Canterlot

Going to introduce them to the friendly statue ponies.   

A few things about Statue Ponies, also called Statue Ponies, or Stonies.

  1. Yes, they are alive.
  2. Stonies are in fact very kind and nice, but suffer from intense shyness.
  3. They are so incredibly shy that if they are not used to a pony they will freeze up and turn into stone as a defense mechanism.Staring at them makes them even more frightened and so, they should try to be treated like any normal pony.
  4. Time moves differently around them.  Spending a few hours could have you  winding up before you left, or you might be gone an entire day after only spending a few hours.   Scheduling enough time is very important.
  5. These ponies kept watch over the Statue of Discord, and were the first to alert Princess Celestia of Discord’s return.