Well I guess I have some explaining to do. As you all know I said in my last post that I would be posting the updates soon. But as I was finishing my last two panels my laptop kept crashing each time I worked on said panels. Every time I lost progress I would quit, and for a while I lost motivation to update.

   I still practiced drawing but it seems that if I work on a drawing for too long it slowly lags then crashes. (Just so you know my laptop crashed three or so times while drawing this.) Sometimes when I’m not even using my drawing program it crashes. I’m going to try get this fixed but I wanted to give all of my followers a small update on my absence before I get it fixed. Hopefully I’ll be able to update but for now this blog (if it isn’t already.) on hiatus ~Mod


Mane bg 5 ½! Portrait pictures!!!
They will be uploaded to my deviant art of you wish to download them!

I made these for a little project, I’m gonna print them and put them in a picture frame I’ve had for years!

More art coming soon!

Reblog and tell a friend!

Art trades and requests are closed.

Check out my deviant art!

Until Zen!

An hour had passed and Keira couldn’t find Discord.
Keira: Mum? Have you seen Discord? He was right here and must’ve run away while I was sketching!
Pearl: He said he was going to talk to some passengers.
Keira panicked when she saw Discord on the other side of the train car. While he was making a good effort to make friends, the others weren’t so keen on the idea…

Discord: And so I told him, I’m not just a draconequus, I’m also everything else!

Derpy: I don’t get it…

Clearly, no pony else was exactly happy to see Discord…

She tore into me for an hour…

Hey there, everyone,

This is actually coming at an opportune time. I had been planning to go on a short break, about two weeks, after the lyra arc was concluded. This week, my arm and wrist started hurting quite a bit, so the break is now needed as much as desired. Don’t worry, I will be back soon enough.

In the meantime, there will be two mailbag sessions! The first will be over the break, during which you can ask me (the mod) questions directly, and I will answer them. There’s no particular schedule to them, but I know some people have wanted to get in touch with me more. The second mailbag will be when comics resume in two weeks, and will be asks for the students and faculty.

I do want to take this time to make a point about the asks. Since this blog has become much more narrative, not every question has the opportunity to be answered. Some will be, and I am holding on to them for the opportune moment. Regardless of the case, I am always happy to see your asks and messages, and look forward to that little notification on my inbox.

So please, send those mod mails and those asks. I’ll have something else for you over the break, and an announcement around when we resume. Thank you, as always, for enjoying the Academy and contributing to its success.


Finished my post for my 2 year blog anniversary! technically it was on April 26th but I’ve been slow lately for some reason >.<
Wow….all I can say about this is practice really DOES make a difference. From an old computer tablet that wasn’t made for drawing and mouse tracing to this XD Two years of drawing, tutorials, and lots of posts/questions really paid off >w< And I’ve still got a long way to go! >:D This is really motivating for me and I’m so glad to see my self progress and can’t help but feel a little pride TuT. May the next milestone be even better XD

PS: This was back before Sweet got a manecut so old manestyle XD


Sparks: I don’t know what that was, but I LOVE IT!! Again again!! *giggle laugh giggle*

…Did I say that out loud…..ANYWAY, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us for so long! It’s been a wonderful journey, and I hope you’ll stay for the rest of this journey!!! I love you all!!