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Sort of a follow up to this here. I love the fluff between these two. <3 However I’m going to be taking another machete to my script soon, and the fluff might not make the cut if it’s not essential. ;( 

Name: Jo
Nickname: Jooooooooooooo, Josef, Ari, Asshat, Senpai (please for the love of god no one start calling me Senpai now that I have revealed this information, I’m not that cool. I’m just a ball of cheese that writes derpy fanfiction that’s it)
Birth month: March
Height: 5′6″
Ethnicity: The whitest white kid you will ever meet. My friends have barred me from even using phrases such as “homegirl” because I sound so fucking white. I’m only in Texas twice a year and “y’all” is part of my vernacular, that’s how white I am. I glow in the sun because I’m shinier than Saitama’s head I’m so white. I didn’t know what a shank was until my college roommate explained it to me that’s how white I am. My grandma was a genealogist and learned that we come from a huge family that traces back all the way to the middle ages and eventually spread out to England, France, and Germany. There is a castle in France that I share a name with (10 points to Gryffindor if you figured out what Jo is short for now) so that’s cool but that is only to further prove that I just hail from varying shades of white. Even the lightest shade of foundation is too dark for me, because I inherited the creamiest, milkiest shade of white. 
Orientation: PanDemic yo
Favorite fruit: strawberries and blueberres (I have a lot of favorites)
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Night, The Chosen, and if I were to count fanfiction the list would get too long so I’ll stop here. 
Favorite Flower: Tulips
Favorite scent: Vanilla 
Favorite animal: I like cats and dogs and hedge hogs and also sneks. I can’t say I have a favorite but if they’re cute and kinda dumb looking I LOVE THEM INSTANTLY (ALSO SORRY I FORGOT TO ANSWER THIS)
Favorite Beverages: Fitz’s Soda. If you haven’t had it drive your ass down to St. Louis, MO right now and get yourself some Root Beer.
Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 2 to 22 it’s anybody’s guess
Favorite fictional characters: Sidon, Link, Genos, Saitama, Mumen, Zelda, Mipha, Urbosa, Bilbo, Thorin, Samwise, Eowyn (I AM NO MAN!!)
Number of blankets you sleep with: Either 50 or 1 super super thick one, I like melting in my sleep apparently.
Dream trip: Can I just go back to New Zealand?
Blog Created: Ah hell…a little over a year ago? I’ve had a tumblr on and off for like 4 now I think.
Number of followers: ….hell, I don’t know and I’m too lazy to check. Somewhere in the 900s last I looked. 
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Awww yeah. I’m on a role, biatches. C:<

Okay no, but seriously, some of you folks have literally begged me to draw Derpy Hooves and Doctor Whooves. And quite honestly, I was long over due for drawing them, sooooo….. here you go. I drew them, plus a soldier!Twilight Sparkle! :3

All three of the originals of these are going to be available to buy, so I’m going to be coloring them as well.

I very loosely based Doctor Whooves (otherwise known as Time Turner) on the appearance of the Tenth Doctor. I actually haven’t gotten around to watching the show itself (gonna do so soon though; havin’ a marathon with some friends at some point), but I know who David Tennant is, and Time Turner actually sorta-kinda-maybe looks like he was inspired by that particular doctor. So I scruffed him up a bit and made him tall. But, I have a feeling that Time Turner is actually a separate doctor, so while he’s vaguely based off of the Tenth Doctor, he isn’t actually that doctor. *shrugs* WHATEVER. I just love his design, okay? It’s cute.  >:C

And then, of course, DERPEHHHHHHH!!!! Really been dying to draw her. I’ve always seen her having some moderately lengthed hair, but a long tail. And some short but elegant wings. I’m really excited to color her, too; I just love her color pallete. C:

Finally there’s Twilight Sparkle. I wanted to redo the previous sketch I did of her like this, so I did. This time I’m gonna be coloring her. This design is actually for a fanfic Liamneighson and I are writing (he’s been a great help, so thanks bro!), where she’s a high-ranking soldier. Her armor harbors the cutie mark of Rarity because Rarebear is the ruling Princess. Twi’s actually Rare’s bodyguard in the story. o3o

I actually I really really like this look, especially her mane cut. I may end up doing the Mane 6 similarly, clad in armor and with different mane styles (cut or otherwise). We’ll see in the future. o3o

But yeah. I actually have some extensive headcanon for Time Turner/Doc and Derpy, but I’ll just write that when I finish their coloring and post them up individually. Until then, feel free to ask any questions you have, and thanks a bunch for taking a looksie! C:

Sakura watches, with a sigh, as another panicked child flees for his life. She tries to put a number on how many of Sarada’s male playmates her husband has scared off now, and when she counts two hands’ worth of fingers, realizes that this is becoming a serious problem.


“Nobody is to lay a hand on our daughter without my explicit permission.”

anonymous asked:

Could you please write something Hope introduce Lightning to his parents and tell them and the gang about their marriage plan?

Lightning Farron did not get nervous about things. She faced them head-on like any true former soldier would.

A little laughing voice in her head reminded her that she hadn’t been a soldier on this world, and meeting a boyfriend’s parents wasn’t something she’d ever experienced - in this life or any.

Maybe that was why she was…nervous.

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Late Night Musings

Mako lay supinely on his cot, the dim candle in his apartment offering little light by which to think. A few faint rumbles from beneath the floor reminded him of his brother in the gym, still training with that Korra girl. He grunted, annoyed.

            I said not bad, didn’t I?

Typical Bolin would find the Avatar, of all girls, and not even realize it. His brother was always so wrapped up in the first girl to give him the time of day. That was not what kept him awake. Never before had any of Bolin’s fangirls caught Mako’s eye. For sure, she wasn’t Mako’s “type” at all.

Physically, she was too masculine. Her broad shoulders and muscled form hinted at her immense strength. Mako preferred a slight, pale, dainty girl. Her olive skin reminded him of her foreign heritage; she was different. That unruly hair kept in a high ponytail—almost like a man’s! But then there were her eyes, bright and blue and striking. I wonder how they look when she waterbends. However, a pair of eyes could not redeem an entire body.

Though he had only seen a glimpse of her bending skills in the gym, he knew that, as an Avatar, she could accomplish most anything. He imagined, for a moment, of what she was capable: bringing gigantic tidal waves crashing onto opponents and freezing them instantly; producing flares of fire—or even lightning!—more powerful than his own, to scorch any foe; soaring through the air on currents, perhaps playfully emulating the last Avatar by riding on an air scooter; sending fissures through the earth and raising pillars of rock to catapult people into the sky. How weak Bolin would look if she unleashed her full potential of earthbending! Mako smiled at the thought of his brother humiliated in his bending by a girl.

How readily she would embarrass her brother, too! That ego, that need for reassurance, that attitude. Just because she was the Avatar did not mean everyone had to accept her as eagerly as Bolin had. In fact, she seemed resentful toward Mako merely because he had not immediately taken to her. No sensible man would ever want to be tied to a girl that selfish and impulsive.

But maybe it’s time to be a little insensible…

“Oh, shut up,” he muttered to himself. “She’s Bolin’s.”