derpy squid


One of the projects I have been recently working on, involved entering a Minecraft creative contest on one of the more popular servers.  It was called Meepcraft but now they’re called MeepNetworks.  We were all given a specific sized lot, creative mode for materials, and then a deadline.

I decided to try and build giant squid ripping a ship in half.  It was quite a challenge trying to make this, since we’re limited to the blocks we can use, but I felt pretty good about what I had completed before I ran out of time.  I was chosen by the judges to be one of the top 3 in the creative category.  Then it was up to the community to make the final decision and vote on their forums.

I found out last night that I won!  It was nice to put something out there and get some positive feedback.  I will also be awarded a million dollars in the server’s currency, so I guess the next drink is on me!

SOOOoooo... I made an Ask Blog >>


Except I can’t draw so there’s that :| BUT It’s called Ask Derpy Squid, and it’s an ask of the minecraft squids cause I hate them things they always flip out in the ground for no reason :| Sooooo yeah if you want you should ask something >>