derpy puppies

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Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.

Switch pup inspired by my friends version of him the artist @tsaoshin from the new Nintendo console called Switch that everyone thinks looks like a derpy puppy face.

Measuring 8 inches width and 8 inches height. Embroidered face, paws, satin stitched spots filled with poly fill and plastic pellets.

Not for young children.

reekcd  asked:

sets his derpy puppy Calamari in Ramsay's lap. Love him. Even if he might hump your leg.

random lovely raven || @reekcd ( when ramsay goes home he’s gonna get that ‘welcome home cheater’ sign from his dogs )

   ▌☠ ▌That dog was cute —- with its derpy fucking face and big ass eyes. Usually, Ramsay wasn’t a HUGE fan of small dogs, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy them. They were STILL dogs, after all. When Theon had set the puppy Calamari down on his lap, it felt nice and reminded him of when his dogs were tiny enough to sit on his lap without crushing him.

                He couldn’t help himself at this point, he scratched behind the dog’s ear, under his chin. Anything that made the puppy wiggle happily on his lap, panting and nudging at his hand for more. It seemed to be going well until Theon’s dog began humping Ramsay’s leg like some freaky roach! ❝  —- Awwwwwe hell naw! Your dog is as horny as you!!!!!! What the fuck, Theon! ❞