derpy puppies

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Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.

Switch pup inspired by my friends version of him the artist @tsaoshin from the new Nintendo console called Switch that everyone thinks looks like a derpy puppy face.

Measuring 8 inches width and 8 inches height. Embroidered face, paws, satin stitched spots filled with poly fill and plastic pellets.

Not for young children.


Having fun with Alice today! The girls all get on so well, and its great that roxy has a best friend.. She’s such a softie, she sometimes misses out at bit. But she and Alice really click… And watching bull terriers play is hilarious - *snortgrowlsnort* -THWACK!- *snortgrowlygrowlsnortbark* - lick pant lick pant … then sleep it off for 5 minutes.. then they’re back at it. The noises they make are crazy.   

Monty and Roxy being adorable and getting comfy while they keep me company while i’m getting some research done. Time for aura to eat some real food.. She’s going to start being transitioned onto a raw diet. It might be more effort than buying food, but its worth it. We’re also going to the vet today to get her vaccines/ flea, tick and worming treatments/ get a general check up. We went this morning to make an appointment and introduce her to the environment and learn to stand on the scales - no problems at all :)