derpy puppies

On sale here:

Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.

Switch pup inspired by my friends version of him the artist @tsaoshin from the new Nintendo console called Switch that everyone thinks looks like a derpy puppy face.

Measuring 8 inches width and 8 inches height. Embroidered face, paws, satin stitched spots filled with poly fill and plastic pellets.

Not for young children.

all-my-ships-are-snking  asked:

Rogue looking at a horde of titans and giving Levi the puppy eyes like "Can I go kill then plzplzplz". Whether Levi succumbs to the puppy stare is up to you.

Levi would stare at Rogue for five full minutes with his usual constipated look on his face until Rogue whines and Levi gives in - merely sighing and waving a hand for the titan to proceed. Rogue bounds away with a squee and starts tearing other titans limb from limb. When finished, Rogue comes back to Levi with a lopsided smile and demands pets. With Hange standing and ogling nearby, Levi is forced to comply. After stroking the titan’s locks, Rogue suddenly flops down and rolls over onto his back - wanting a belly rub.

It is then that Levi walks away in disgusted huff, leaving derpy titan puppy and Shitty Glasses alone to go have a well deserved cup of tea.