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Derpy Dragons

Some of you have been asking where the misfit dragons can be found. I think it’s great that you want to give them a home; they are so very full of love, perhaps even more so *because* they’re a little odd-looking, and they want to have permanent homes just so badly. It’s sweet. 

I made a listing for them on my Etsy store, if you’re interested. I’m offering them at cost plus shipping, and I will be bringing some of them to conventions with me in the future - they said they would feel comfortable enough out in public if I made eye patches for them, so there will be pirate dragons out there in the future. 

Pony Hair (Mane+Tails) Pattern Pack!

It comes with the Mane 6+Derpy, AJ’s hat, as well as a bonus tutorial for how to do satin stitched hair lines for the manes and tails.

I will list single hair patterns later, I just need to make some pictures for examples so it’s not confusing. If you still want a single hair pattern, feel free to e-mail me:

St. Patty’s Day Etsy Coupon!

From now till March 17th, you can get $10 off a purchase of $40 or more with the coupon LUCKYPONY at checkout!

Most of the beanies are already on sale, so go snag some plushies before they’re gone!



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And a reminder, that once these characters are sold out, most of them are gone forever and won’t be remade, as this is my last year of sewing!

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SHE’S DONE! I’ve been a good girl recently and kept up with Uni to the point where I had a little free time this evening!
Chibi Derpy Deluxe has been made to include the new tweaks I made in my chibi range (mainly the poly beans). She’s a part of my deluxe range which features bright eyes and cutie marks! I’m still actually shocked to be able to embroider cutie marks so small! She’s only as big as my hand too! Proper photos to come :D
She’s the prize for a contest I threw earlier this year :)