derpy plush


Come see Derpy and Dr. Whooves at Bronycon 2016!

One of these little pony beanies will be a prize in my Easter egg hunt! Watch out for new journals for more details.

The ponies are made out of minky fabric. They have embroidered faces and cutie marks on both sides. They’re 6 inches long and fit in the palm of your hand. They’re stuffed with a mixture of beanies and poly fil so they’re super squishy!

St. Patty’s Day Etsy Coupon!

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Most of the beanies are already on sale, so go snag some plushies before they’re gone!



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Last chance to order a plush and have it arrive for Christmas!

And a reminder, that once these characters are sold out, most of them are gone forever and won’t be remade, as this is my last year of sewing!

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Pony Hair (Mane+Tails) Pattern Pack!

It comes with the Mane 6+Derpy, AJ’s hat, as well as a bonus tutorial for how to do satin stitched hair lines for the manes and tails.

I will list single hair patterns later, I just need to make some pictures for examples so it’s not confusing. If you still want a single hair pattern, feel free to e-mail me:

It takes alot of time and patience to get your patterns to where you want them and Im still not there! I realised I havent made a standing derpy plush since JANUARY and now I want to try and make her again with my newest pattern.. soon I hope :)

Keeping working hard on what you love out there!!

Larger version can be seen here: