derpy dogs

so my dog’s name is Luke and i give him a lot of dumb rhymey nicknames, one of which is “babadook”. so the other day I was hanging out with my friend and i glanced down the hall, saw my dog, and yelled "IT’S THE BABDOOK!”, which caused my friend to leap a foot in the air, scream like a goat, and very nearly shit her pants 

because apparently, "the babadook” is a fucked up monster that attacks people in some really terrifying horror movie? and meanwhile, I’ve been applying that name… to this:


Here’s my Calarts BFA3 Film, Virtual Critters!

Somewhat based on my life experiences and my family, which revolves around derpy dogs.

This year I only had 10 weeks for actual production- much shorter than last year-
I owe a great many thanks to all my friends, family, and faculty for supporting me during these crazy times!
Another shout out to Lucien Ye for the music and Derek Etman for the sound design, and my  actors Nick Smerkanich, Audrey Olmos and Shaina Lynn Simmons!

The (completely unrelated) Critters Trilogy is now COMPLETE! …ish.


Sometimes, my friends and I grab our fancy cameras, and play this game. I don’t know what we call it. The Derpy Face Game? The Whip-My-Hair Game? I don’t think we’ve named it. But apparently some people play the same game with dogs.

You can find more derpy dogs here. Also, my derpfaced friends happen to be my sister Bethiea and my buddy Joe who runs Straight Shooter Design, whose Tumblrs I’ve provided links to. Go and love the derps.


I am one of the most #blessed people in the world because of this little monster right here: my golden retriever, Ellie (full name ’Professor Ellington Beanz of the Shire’).

What better way to celebrate our puppy love than to post all of my best Snaps that she was tolerant enough to model for.

Be forewarned: my SC followers have been known to GOL (Gush Out Loud) when they get these snapsterpieces directly.  Add me for proof, username: mplatco

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