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(Note:The Derpy and Doc by the entrance belong to their owner-Hey-doc)

Star Status:well can’t sit around here awkwardly and say nothing to them, might aswell go speak with them, plus it could be fun.

Derpy:I don’t know..I mean I-I wouldn’t even know what to say to the other me!

Star Status:Just talk to her like you would to anypony else, there’s nothing to it,besides I’ll be right beside you the whole time talking along with you to the both of em.

Derpy:Mmh..alright I’ll try at least ya big dork.

-Letting out a single chuckle,Star couldn’t help but smile at his wife-

Star Status:That’s the spirit! Now let’s go greet them and just talk to them about whatever, it is a party after all Derpy.

-Derpy and Star Status would walk over to Doc and the other Derpy,greeting them-

Derpy:Hello there! It’s a pleasure to meet you both.

thedoctorwhooves2500  asked:

Are you going to continue with the story arc or are you doing something different for the vlblog

I should clear this up
The main story about hearths warming is definitely continuing , it’s just on hold for a little while,
The post I just alluded to was for a little pony prom conversation between doc and derpy
As soon as pony prom is over, I do intend on working back on the main story, sorry for it taking so long


Awww yeah. I’m on a role, biatches. C:<

Okay no, but seriously, some of you folks have literally begged me to draw Derpy Hooves and Doctor Whooves. And quite honestly, I was long over due for drawing them, sooooo….. here you go. I drew them, plus a soldier!Twilight Sparkle! :3

All three of the originals of these are going to be available to buy, so I’m going to be coloring them as well.

I very loosely based Doctor Whooves (otherwise known as Time Turner) on the appearance of the Tenth Doctor. I actually haven’t gotten around to watching the show itself (gonna do so soon though; havin’ a marathon with some friends at some point), but I know who David Tennant is, and Time Turner actually sorta-kinda-maybe looks like he was inspired by that particular doctor. So I scruffed him up a bit and made him tall. But, I have a feeling that Time Turner is actually a separate doctor, so while he’s vaguely based off of the Tenth Doctor, he isn’t actually that doctor. *shrugs* WHATEVER. I just love his design, okay? It’s cute.  >:C

And then, of course, DERPEHHHHHHH!!!! Really been dying to draw her. I’ve always seen her having some moderately lengthed hair, but a long tail. And some short but elegant wings. I’m really excited to color her, too; I just love her color pallete. C:

Finally there’s Twilight Sparkle. I wanted to redo the previous sketch I did of her like this, so I did. This time I’m gonna be coloring her. This design is actually for a fanfic Liamneighson and I are writing (he’s been a great help, so thanks bro!), where she’s a high-ranking soldier. Her armor harbors the cutie mark of Rarity because Rarebear is the ruling Princess. Twi’s actually Rare’s bodyguard in the story. o3o

I actually I really really like this look, especially her mane cut. I may end up doing the Mane 6 similarly, clad in armor and with different mane styles (cut or otherwise). We’ll see in the future. o3o

But yeah. I actually have some extensive headcanon for Time Turner/Doc and Derpy, but I’ll just write that when I finish their coloring and post them up individually. Until then, feel free to ask any questions you have, and thanks a bunch for taking a looksie! C: