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Please stop and read this.

Never. Stop. Creating. Art. 

I don’t care if you think its bad, or if you hate your art style… Or if you straight up think that your art will never become what you want it to be. If you stop now, all of that might just come true. 

If you stop, you will never be able to see the improvement you would have made if you had just kept going. 


Even if it takes a while, and usually it will, you will improve and your art will change over time. It takes time to get better.

Here’s some I did a while back as examples:

An art piece that I submitted to DeviantArt on April 17, 2014. Two years and four months as of today (8.26.16). Lining isn’t terrible but it could be better, hardly any shading, and the colors don’t match the environment at all. Not to mention the use of the wood on the bottom…

This is the first art I posted on Tumblr one year later. My shading got better,  though the lining is still iffy… I decided to draw more people, and my anatomy is looking ok. Not perfect, but the positions don’t look uncomfortable.

This is my favorite one of this month, this year. My shading, anatomy, and lining have gotten much better, if not exceeded what I thought I could do. Not to mention I put more work and detail into it. (Including wrinkles, and actually drawing hands instead of just stuffing them into pockets)

You might not think it’s true, or it will never happen… Just trust me on this. 

I want you to go find the oldest art you have, and compare it to your most recent drawing, whether it be a full piece, or just a couple of doodles. See what you’ve done. See how you and your style has changed and grown. Understand that things like this take time, and that you and your art will change.

Art is hard, and I get that. I understand that things can get complicated and frustrating. Take breaks when you need to, and come back only when you want to. Don’t push you yourself. If creating art becomes a chore to do, don’t work so hard on something that you can’t find fun in.