YCH Auction!

I have three artists who wish to loan out their services with these 4 pieces. Let’s see how you like it.

First Artist PotatoMod!

Character of your pick with one of the two sisters. Or if you prefer it can be changed to another alicorn or pony of similar size.

Next up we have Ask poison joke!

Derpy or any other pegasus of your choosing, if you wish to change it up, anding a love letter to the oc of your choice.

Land lastly Darko with this little jem.

With a background of your picking!

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to message me.

Auctions will last all week and will end February 21st!

As the auction goes on and people bid on the pieces, I will reblog this chart with their names and how much they bid.

Starting Bid will be 10$ And the quality of the piece themselves will increase as the bidding gets higher.


YCH 1: BossSnikrot ($50)

YCH 2:  furislupus ($60)

Ask poison joke

YCH 3:


YCH 4:

If you are interested, please send what Art Piece you want and your total bid here!

If you wish for exampled of each of the artists art click on their names or ask me for what you will most likely get if you bid well.

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Happy Nightmare Night!

Derpy Princess Twilight Sparkle:  Mua Ha Ha! You can all start screaming now!  

((Worky that costume is soooo 2013! XD  Seriously though remember when this used to be such a big deal? Seems ages ago!  TuT Although since Out of Work Derpy takes place during season 3 of mlp:fim this costume is much more relevant XD ))

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