Finally finished this annoying piece. This was mentioned in a mario kart video when Chilled was sick and whatnot; talking about how he was loki, which lead to the others being the avengers. I only got answers from Smarty and Galm on who they wanted to be, so I took guesses with the others. Also in the initial layout phase I kept struggling with dynamic angles and backgrounds and then settles for the comic format.

Took about 9 hours cumulative.

Done in Photoshop CS6.

Speedpaint here:


Original art by askthederpvengers

“How many penguins can Loki fit in his cape?”
“Just one… I used to have three, but they were difficult to rule.”

“Loki, what did you do with the other 2 penguins? Did they just wander off?”
“Don’t ever expect the truth from my brother! I made him get rid of two after they turned him into a trampoline!”
“Brother. Brother help me.”

This makes sense when you know the story of Þrymskviða. Þrymskviða is a Norse poem in which Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, get's stolen by a giant who uses it to try to get Frayja to be his wife. So Thor and Loki decide to get back Mjölnir by dressing up Thor as the bride and Loki as the bridesmaid. Somehow this works and in the end, when Thor finally gets Mjölnir back, he kills all the giants at the ceremony and goes back home, presumably in his dress.