“I could think of nothing to call you, until I looked up and saw the crescent moon. So I thought of an old name, the name of the line between the shadow and the bright, and called you that in my heart, and in my heart it seemed to suit you best." 


Just a quick and dirty anatomy practice of my personal prince charming XD 

OK, done spamming for today, I swear. But this, this is why mage robes. 

My 14,100th post is self serving OC derpsketchery. Seems about right :P

So thank you too all of my followers, you are noticed and appreciated and loved. 

Thank you for every like, every reblog, every ask, every reply, every amazing post, all your writing, all of your art, all of your outpouring of kindness and support and hilarity and wit and love. 

Mysterious percussionist “Ghost Frolic” soon responded with a series of incendiary singles, including “Magic fucking ruins everything,” “I don’t brood (I rip your heart out),” “There are no fucking puppy eyes, I’m manly as hell,” and “Fuck you, the dead bodies in the foyer stay”