derps in my heart

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Ze C1 and Chilled C3? I know they're not your usual guys that you post, but I saw them in the recent post and I thought it'd be neat? -Nervous little Aurora anon

Don’t worry Aurora anon, the derp crew hold a very special place in my heart 

warning signs // pcy // 9

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→ mafia!au
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 1.4k
→ song of the chapter: struggling by safe to swim, if i only had a heart by jack haley and adrianna caselotti

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dumping here some photos i took on sunday at tracon :Y

Roxy: 69karkats

Sn0wman: krab-krab

Dolorosa: etikka

Porrim: kanrose

Kanaya: the-punpkin-king

Damara: pasteleys

Jane: pixelliarmus

Meulin: jalletsu

John: legbert

Jade: lentoon

the Condesce: ibarys

Mindfang: me, photo by peix-es