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someone asked to borrow my phone the other day and after they were done typing they wouldn’t make eye contact with me and i was incredibly confused until i realized

t h i s  i s  m y  k e y b o a r d

Brighter than a shooting star, shine no matter where you are~

I worked on this dress for ages last fall, and finally had a chance to shoot it! The skirt is a NASA accurate map of the northern hemisphere, complete with a rhinestone where every major star should be. It was super cool to shoot this at a real observatory too!

Photography by Daniel Chen

Kaminari’s Quirk and the Possibility of Him Being the Traitor

i remember a theory a while back about the traitor that was pretty convincing. They said kaminari was the traitor. That he’s faking being dumb after discharging too much electricity, and can use it much more effectively than he’s shown so far. Also i think he was originally drawn for concept as a villain. And something about the dark streak in his hair symbolising the hidden darkness in his demeanour. there was more to it, but i don’t remember. @purelyundecided

Yeah, I’ve read some decent Kamanari traitor theories too. I’ve heard some people claim he’s faking dumb after discharging and use the cavalry battle during the sports festival as evidence. 

Kaminari uses Indiscriminate Charge of 1,300,000 volts during the cavalry battle.

Afterwords, Kaminari is fine. He isn’t in his derp mode. In fact, he’s capable of using more electricity. 

The best argument to be made as for why this is the case is Kaminari has never specifically said he automatically goes derp every time he discharges electricity. He just says he can’t control his electricity once he discharges it. 

Basically, Kaminari can control the amount of electricity he can discharge, but he can’t control where that electricity goes. 

His brain fries once he reaches his wattage limit. 

It’s weird, during his fight against Ibara, he using 1.3 million volts like he did during the cavalry battle. 

His brain gets fried shortly after. 

According to the anime, 1.3 million volts makes him reach his limit, yet his brain is still functioning fine after using 1.3 million volts during the cavalry battle. 

Maybe it differs on a case-by-case basis? 

That’s not to say the 1.3 million volts don’t affect Kaminari during the cavalry battle, because it did. 

However, he’s not at his limit and can still release more electricity. 

Maybe his limit isn’t measured by volts but by something like watts? That’s the best argument I can come up with. I don’t know much about electricity. I do know that Kaminari turns derp based on his WATTAGE limit rather than his voltage limit. Even though he can’t control who his electricity hits, maybe he can control how many watts are being released.

It makes sense though. Watts are the measure of power of electricity being released. It’s the voltage multiplied by the current (amps). Volts affect how many watts of electricity Kaminari uses, but it’s not the only thing that determines how many watts of electricity Kaminari uses. The current (amps) could have been slower during the cavalry battle than during his fight with Ibara. If that’s the case, then he’d use less watts. 

We get Kaminari’s inner monologue during his fight with Ibara. 

Kaminari specifically thinks Ibara is cute and that he will ask her out after using full discharge. He’s not faking his womanizer mentality at least. He does think that he’ll use full discharge to end the fight quickly. It’s assumed he thinks the fight will end quickly because he’ll win. However, I guess it’s possible he’s lying about going derp after he uses his Quirk. If that’s the case, then Kaminari would know Ibara will beat him quickly. That’s still not evidence of Kaminari lying about his Quirk though.

The series has been pretty consistent that Kaminari’s problem is he can’t control the direction of his Quirk. He has always been about to control how much is being discharged.

I don’t think Kaminari is lying about how is able to control his Quirk. I think he has always needed some way to control the direction of his electricity. As for whether or not he’s faking going derp, that’s hard to say. He’s a REALLY good actor if he is faking his derpiness. During the cavalry battle you can see him gradually going derp over time. 

I can’t find any possible evidence of him faking his derpiness, even after looking through some scenes thoroughly. As I said before, he’s a REALLY good actor if he’s faking it. 

His bad ass moment during the hero license exam is due to him finally being able to control the direction of his electricity. There’s nothing suspicious about that. As long as Kaminari doesn’t use too many watts too quickly, then he should be good and won’t fry his brain. Fortunately, he most likely won’t need to use such a high wattage since he can control the direction of his electricity now. Before, he had to use a lot watts in order to ensure he electrifies is enemies. Now that he can control the direction of his discharge, he can focus the watts on a specific target. 

Horikoshi never specifically said beta!Kaminari is a villain. He just said his design is too villainous-looking. I don’t think this is good evidence of Kaminari being the traitor, but you never know. 

Haha….I don’t know what you mean by “the dark streak in his hair symbolising the hidden darkness in his demeanour.” I thought the black streak was supposed to look like a black lightning bolt. I guess the plot thickens. Haha…Sorry, I don’t know how to make a serious reply to that comment. 

I don’t know….if he were the traitor, would Kaminari really be lying about the respect he has for his friends?

Then again, Kaminari could still respect Bakugou and Kirishima and still betray U.A. for the greater good, or he could have been the traitor initially and then turned on the villains once he grows to respect his friends. 

If Kaminari were the traitor, why didn’t he try to sabotage the Bakugou rescue mission? He’s there when Kirishima and Todoroki are talking about the plan to rescue Bakugou. Did Kaminari not think they’d go through with the rescue mission or that it’d be successful? You’d think he would have tried to ensure it’d fail if he were the traitor. 

I’m open to the idea of Kamanari being the traitor. I’m just not too sure about it. It seems possible, and there certainly are interesting points. I have trouble believing he’s faking the weaknesses in his Quirk though. That’s what I’m mainly focusing on for this post. I could be wrong. 

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

Color Prompt - Aura Faye

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Snow White

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Pastel Pink

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Rose Pink (Can I put two diff. shades of pink? XD)

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Lilac Purple

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// supernatural first dates aesthetic (2/12)

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// library

// You looked up briefly from your book to look ahead at Sam who was sitting across from you at the table. With a soft smile, you tucked your hair behind your ear. “You know,” You began. “Out of all the first I’ve ever had, I don’t think a guy’s ever taken me to the library.” Sam suddenly looked up at that, a somewhat worried look in his eyes. “Do you want to go somewhere else? We can, if you want to.” You laughed, shaking your head. “No, it’s fine. This is perfect.”

~Mama Admin~

Tord: “Oh, I know, I’m great. Go on~.”

Tord: “G-geez, you guys sound like a mess.”

Tord: “I’d recommend that you consider the following: help.“

Tord: “…..”

Tord: “…………”

Tord: “…What.”

Tord: (No, wait, let’s think about this…)

Tord: (Tom would most definitely kill me, whether he remembers the events of the past month or not.)

Tord: (Matt wouldn’t try to kill me, but in a way, he’d … almost be worse.)

Tord: (I don’t want to watch a porno of my friend with … himself.)

Tord: (But Edd … He’s been my friend for the longest, so he’d probably be the most normal about it.)

Tord: (And he’s also the nicest one … and he’s really sweet, too… )

Tord: “Ha, I guess … I’d have to pick Edd? He’s really the only normal one out of them all, heh…”

Tord: “But, ah … that could never happen.”

-Mod Matt