thetaiwanesedartjob is working on one of my commissions today and I know I won’t get to see it until later so I’m T R Y I N G to be a productive member of society and not breathe on them while they work… but instead I just kind of keep derping around their tumblr and trying to imagine what they’ll look like. xD 

The next chapter is out for editing so hopefully we can have it up tonight! <3 (Although I should probably stop saying things like “tonight” because it seems like a lot of my readers don’t live in the continental US!) 


When I discovered Sackboy Nate keychains existed (thank you, tumblr) I bought one for myself as a “GOOD JOB” for finishing U3. 8D And then of course I became ultra-dorky and took pics. This is what I do when I don’t work help help  My brothers got a big kick out of these pics because they are SO RIDIC so hopefully other Uncharted fans here on tumblr will like them too.

I added needshealth!Nate and drugged!Nate as bonuses. :I