Grey || Valyria (derpderpdestiel; sassary-quinto on tumblr)

Summary: When Castiel raised Dean Winchester from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed him as his mate.

Ten thousand days later, the angel Castiel lays his hands upon Dean.
He looks up and sees blue.  
He thinks of his brother for the first time in a decade.  
“Like the sky Dean. Blue like the sky.”  
Around him the shadows of the pit are suddenly black and white and red.
His blade falls forgotten from his hand.
A shining angel pulls him into his arms.

This fic is really, really lovely and perhaps the best with a/b/o dynamics I’ve ever read. You’re going to hurt when you read it, but it’s so, so worth it. The style is really beautiful and the story so very touching. Highly recommended!

Fic Rec #3

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General Rec Disclaimer

Story Title: A Blessing

Author: Valyria (tumblr)

Story Url:

Rating: E [NC-17]

Status: WIP (updates frequently)

Length: 16/? chapters / 115,500 words (as of this post) / Novel

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean Winchester / Castiel (M/M)

Universe: CU (canon divergence - set in Season 5)

Warnings: turned-into-a-girl!Dean, turned-into-a-girl!Sam, canon-level violence, internalized homophobia, occasionally British/Commonwealth-ey (nothing jarring, but enough to realize the author is not American - it’s entirely possible I am more sensitive to it due to my time in England)

Summary: In which Dean and Sam are turned into women by a witch’s curse and even though he’s kinda distracted what with the Apocalypse and all, Dean comes to a few awkward realizations about his feelings for Castiel.

Thoughts: I have a thing for Supernatural fics featuring genderswap/sexswap. I prefer the “always-a-girl” variety, but either way I enjoy seeing the characters deal with their circumstances from an altered perspective. I love the gender politics involved (which is also, incidentally, why I like a/b/o fics). This fic features the brothers being turned female. It’s a bit of an overused trope, but that doesn’t make it less good. In fact, this work is one of, if not the best uses of the trope I’ve ever encountered.

The plot of the story loosely follows and retells season 5. We get to see how the brothers would react to their circumstances while (physically, at least) female [As an aside - I really liked how in this fic Dean and Sam did not identify as female. Despite their bodies being transformed, they still considered themselves male. It would seem horribly out of character to suddenly change their gender-identification based on physiological characteristics].

The romance in the story is slow building and extremely believable. Angel mating (another trope) is used to a successful and believable degree. Angel mating is often hit or miss - in this story it’s definitely a hit. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the use of the season 5 plot allows it quite nicely. There’s a lot more awesomeness, but I REALLY don’t want to spoil the fic.

So, overall, this fic is great. I basically love everything this author writes, but I think this is my favorite. The romance is believable, the characterization is fabulous, and the side characters are amazing (Adam and Gabriel!). Add in the issues related to genderswap/sexswap, and it’s damn near perfect.

And because I literally cannot stop myself from reccing some of the author’s other fics (that I may do in-depth reviews about later):
Grey - The best a/b/o fic I’ve ever read (tied closely with A Hole in the World). Seriously. It’s basically a retelling of the entire series from an a/b/o slant. 
Alpha/Alpha verse - another a/b/o, but with a bit of a twist. Utterly adorable and very smutty (kind of PWP, but also not… it’s confusing).