your royal highness// prince hemmings

Pairing: Prince Luke+Reader

(A/N): hii! I’ve randomly gotten this idea after re watching Snow White for the billionth time. Just to clear things up, the story is based back in medieval times but will be spoken in today’s English because I can’t read or write Shakespeare to save my life  good luck coping with Luke feels bc he makes a fine hot prince


enjoy reading! I hope y’all will enjoy! (:

Fed up of his duties in the castle, all the young man wanted was to be alone for a few hours. He had everything that he could ask for; wealth, power, status, and kings from all kingdoms across the world asking for his hand in marriage with their daughters. 

Prince Luke Robert Hemmings, the most prized possession of the kingdom. With his charming looks and clever intelligence, making his father, the king proud. 

Luke’s skills during war were an added plus to his persona. He could shot an arrow in any situation and hit his target straight in the chest. He could pick up a sword like it was as light as a feather and wield it effortlessly, not fazed by his opponent. 

The young prince spent most of his life behind the castle walls, his family not wanting to take the chance of their son getting hurt or killed. The only time he was seen by his subjects were during religious holidays or special occasions. 

But tonight was different. 

Currently, it was the beginning of December, which meant the whole kingdom was covered with Christmas tress, lights, and hymns were heard throughout the small streets. Snow covered every inch of the ground and trees, making Luke feel warm despite the coldness surrounding him. 

Snow flakes blurred his vision, and he tried to blink them away. Luke was on his most trusted horse; an all white horse with a beautiful mane, naming him Apollo. He was a present for his eighteenth birthday, the two quickly bonding together and Luke liked to talk to share his feelings with Apollo even though the horse couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Luke had sneaked out of the castle right after supper, ditching his royal attire for a plain wardrobe and coat. 

He had to be home in a few hours before they had noticed that he was gone or all hell would break loose. But on the other hand, Luke could do whatever he wanted, no not because he was punk rock. Because he was a prince. 

Apollo slowly trotted into the center of town, the town square full of joy and warmth despite the snow. Lanterns and fire pits were around each corner. Children were playing, laughter filling the air. 

The chances of the subjects recognizing Luke were slim, as no one was really allowed close to him. It was all a namesake, everything surrounded his name and status. 

The one thing that stood out most to him was a couple shyly holding hands and the complete look of affection that they were giving each other whilst sitting on the ledge of the enormous water fountain in the middle of the square. T

he teenager was whispering sweet nothings into her ear as the girl giddily wrapped her arms around him. 

Luke had princesses practically in line to get a chance to dance with him at the royal balls. Occasionally, his tall and strong build would make him step on their toes, making them furious. But no one could resist a smirk and a sorry whispered into their ear by him. He wasn’t going lie, they were all gorgeous and pretty.

Different gowns, too much make up, over done hair, the smell of strong perfume; he just wanted someone simple. Not sophisticated.

He wanted to know the feeling of truly feeling infatuated with someone. Snapping back to reality, Luke quickly got off of Apollo and stroked his mane, finding a place to tie him up. 

Shoving his hands into the coat pockets, Luke’s oceanic blue eyes scanned the various small shops and houses as he kicked the snow. Running his hands through his messy blonde locks, screams and shouts of several men could be heard in the distance.

Looking behind him, he squinted his eyes to find a girl with brown hair running as fast as her feet could go, sheer fear evident on her face.

Trailing right behind her, was a group of men with torches high in the air.

A gash was noticeable on her left leg, which seemed like it had just happened moments before because the of the rate of blood oozing out. The girl wasn’t wearing a coat and wore torn up shoes. The dress was covered with spots of dust, the old cotton wearing out. 

In a blink of an eye, the girl shoved Luke out of the way in an attempt to get away from the group of men.

Confused, he just stood there trying to grasp what was happening. A part of grew in anger because no one could miss handle him like that. Another part was growing in sympathy. 

Watching the scene unfold, Luke quietly watched the girl run a few more feet before she stumbled over a few stray rocks and landed straight on her face. 

A strangled cry of pain escaped her lips as she saw the shadows of the approaching. She had to get up, for her brother. Shooting up on her feet, the cold ice didn’t faze her.

A minute too late, her arms were suddenly grabbed behind her by dirty hands.

“Leave me alone!” She yelled as she struggled to get out of his grasp. Her heart was beating against her chest and her breathing was stopped.

Luke felt anger grow inside of him. His fists were balled up tightly, ready to fight. This was no way to treat a woman. Eyes dark, he was ready to kill. Trying to kick the man holding her, she thought that they were over doing it.

All she did was take a small loaf of bread without paying for it. Not a big, right? Suddenly, a young blonde man with pale skin shot in front of her. He looked into her brown eyes for a split second before ripping her away and shoving her to the ground.

Overly confused, she wiped the the snow from the face as she watched her blonde savior threaten the attackers. His tall and muscular build seemed to belittle the group of older men as he pulled out a small but dangerous knife from his coat.

Luke’s weapon was unrelenting; it was long and sleek, creating a precise cut no matter the circumstances. The dagger glimmering under the light of the moon. 

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